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B01-1 Determining Installation Errors for DOA Estimation with Four-Quadrant Monopulse Arrays by using Installed Element Patterns
Frid, Henrik; Jonsson, B. L. G.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SWEDEN
B01-2 Thermal Analysis of a Dense Dipole Array for the SKA Mid-Frequency Aperture Array
Smale, Corey
Stellenbosch University, SOUTH AFRICA
B01-3 Mutual Coupling Modeling and Calibration in Antenna Arrays for AOA Estimation
Tien Tu, VO (1); OUVRY, Laurent (1); BORIES, Serge (1); Sibille, Alain (2)
(1) CEA Grenoble, FRANCE; (2) Telecom ParisTech, FRANCE
B01-4 Effect of Element Pattern Symmetry on the Performance of Dual-Polarized GNSS Adaptive Antenna Arrays
Rezazadeh, Navid; Shafai, Lotfollah
University of Manitoba, CANADA
B01-P High-Power Broadband Active Phased-Array Transmitter
Hong, Young-Pyo (1); Lee, Woosang (2)
(1) KRISS, SOUTH KOREA; (2) Agency for Defense Development, SOUTH KOREA
B02-1 A Ka-Band Active Integrated Antenna for 5G Applications: Initial Design Flow
Liao, Wan-Chun (1); Ivashina, Marianna (1); Johansson, Martin (2); Emanuelsson, Thomas (1); Maaskant, Rob (1); Hook, Anders (3); Wettergren, Johan (4); Dieudonne, Michael (5)
(1) Chalmers University of Technology, SWEDEN; (2) Ericsson Research, SWEDEN; (3) SAAB, SWEDEN; (4) RUAG Space AB, SWEDEN; (5) Keysight Laboratories, Keysight Technologies, BELGIUM
B02-2 A Wideband Antenna Based on Composite Flexible Substrate for Wearable Application
Abbas, Syed
Macquarie University, AUSTRALIA
B02-3 An optimization method for tuning a helical beam antenna using Blender-Python and CFDTD
Richichi, Giulio; Junkin, Gary
Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, SPAIN
Hakanoglu, Baris (1); Sen, Osman (2); Turkmen, Mustafa (1)
(1) Erciyes University, TURKEY; (2) TUBITAK, TURKEY
B03-1 Monopole Antenna Gain Enhancement by Using Layered Dielectrics Medium
Sharifian Mazraeh Mollaei, Masoud (1); Sedighy, Seyed Hasan (2)
(1) Aalto University, FINLAND; (2) Iran University of Science & Technology, IRAN
B03-2 Field Trials for Ultrawideband Antenna
Farhat, Iman (1); Zarb Adami, Kristian (2); Cutajar, Denis (2); Sammut, Charles (2)
(1) University of Malta, MALTA
B03-4 Explicit formulas for the calculation of the (local) phase center of an arbitrary antenna
Albani, Matteo; Pavone, Santi
University of Siena, ITALY
B03-5 Circularly Polarized C-Band Lens-Horn Antenna for Radar Remote Sensing Calibration
Rodriguez Varela, Fernando; Besada Sanmartin, José Luis; Galocha Iraguen, Belen
B03-P1 Microstrip broadband LPDA antenna on VHF and UHF bands
Przesmycki, Rafal; Wnuk, Marian; Bugaj, Marek
Military University of Technology, POLAND
B03-P2 Design of Narrowband Frequency-Tunable Antenna
khelladi, rafik (1); Djeddou, Mustapha (1); TEDJINI, SMAIL (2); Ghanem, Farid (3)
(1) EMP, ALGERIA; (2) LCIS, FRANCE; (3) Telecom Product Direction, R&D&I, Brandt Group, ALGERIA
B05-1 Properties of hybridized modes in core-shell scatterers
Sihvola, Ari; Yla-Oijala, Pasi; Wallen, Henrik; Tzarouchis, Dimitrios
Aalto University, FINLAND
B05-3 Active Coated Nanoparticles - Scattering Properties and Fano Resonances
Arslanagic, Samel; Jacobsen, Rasmus E.
Technical University of Denmark, 4561274524
B05-4 Analytical Study of Light Scattering Characteristics of Radially Inhomogeneous Subwavelength Spheres
Tzarouchis, Dimitrios; Sihvola, Ari
Aalto University, FINLAND
B05-5 A Metasurface to Focus Antenna Beam at Offset Angle
Afzal, Muhammad Usman; Esselle, Karu; Lalbakhsh, Ali
Macquarie University, AUSTRALIA
B05-6 Mimicking Complex Source Point Fields via Complex Transformation Optics
Odabasi, Hayrettin (1); Teixeira, Fernando (2)
(1) Eskisehir Osmangazi University, TURKEY; (2) The Ohio State University, USA
B07-1 Wireless Monitoring of a Structural Beam To Be Used for Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment
Ozbey, Burak (1); Erturk, Vakur B. (2); Kurc, Ozgur (3); Altintas, Ayhan (2); Demir, Hilmi Volkan (2)
(1) Ohio State University, USA; (2) Bilkent University, TURKEY; (3) Middle East Technical University, TURKEY
B07-2 A Polarization-Independent Switchable Absorber with Independently Controllable Absorption Frequencies
Ghosh, Saptarshi; Srivastava, Kumar Vaibhav
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, INDIA
B07-P1 Investigation of the characteristics of phase shifter when connecting additional sections
Letavin, Denis
B07-P2 Compact crossover based on artificial transmission line
Letavin, Denis
B11-1 Fourier-Transform-Domain Solution of the Directive Beam Scattering by a Dielectric Slab with Account of the Guided Waves
Tsitsas, Nikolaos
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE
B11-2 Matched waves for impedance boundaries
Sihvola, Ari; Lindell, Ismo
Aalto University, FINLAND
B11-3 Analytical Model for Planar Strip–like Blazed Gratings
Medina, Francisco (1); Memarian, Mohammad (2); Mesa, Francisco (1); Itoh, Tatsuo (3); Molero, Carlos (4); Rodriguez-Berral, Raul (1)
(1) Universidad de Sevilla, SPAIN; (2) Sharif University of Technology, USA; (3) UCLA, USA; (4) INSA Rennes, FRANCE
B11-4 Diffraction by double layer graphene strip grating
Kaliberda, Mstyslav; Pogarsky, Sergey
V.N.Karazin National University of Kharkiv, UKRAINE
B11-P Inverse Laplace and the Quasi-Conformal Transformation
Bradley, Patrick
Dublin City University, IRELAND
B12-1 A design of elliptical edge-fed circularly polarized patch antenna for GPS and Iridium applications
Mistry, Keyur; Lazaridis, Pavlos
University of Huddersfield, UNITED KINGDOM; () University of Huddersfield , UNITED KINGDOM
B12-2 1.62GHz Circularly Polarized Pin-Fed Notched Circular Patch Antenna
TZIRIS, EMMANOUIL (1); ZAHARIS, ZAHARIAS (2); GLOVER, IAN (3); COSMAS, JOHN (1); Lazaridis, Pavlos (3)
(1) Brunel University, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE; (3) University of Huddersfield, UNITED KINGDOM; (3) University of Huddersfield , UNITED KINGDOM
B12-3 Overview of High-Performance Wide-Band Balanced Bandpass Filters Using Ring Resonators
Feng, Wenjie
Nanjing University of Science & Technology, CHINA CIE
B16-1 Numerical Investigation of Nano-Cavities for Optimal Power Absorption in Solar Cells
Karaosmanoglu, Bariscan; Ergul, Ozgur; Topcuoglu, Ulas; Tuygar, Emre
Middle East Technical University, TURKEY
B16-2 Design of Compact Nano-Optical Couplers Involving Dielectric Nanorods
Karaosmanoglu, Bariscan; Yazar, Sirin; Ergul, Ozgur
Middle East Technical University, TURKEY
B16-3 Numerical Methods for the Maxwell-Liouville-von Neumann (MLN) Equations
Riesch, Michael; Jirauschek, Christian; Bungartz, Hans-Joachim; Tchipev, Nikola
Technical University of Munich, GERMANY
B16-4 Topology Optimisation and the All-Dielectric Microwave Absorber
Bradley, Patrick
Dublin City University, IRELAND
B21-01 Some Features of Electromagnetic Wave Scattering from Invisible Spherical Lens with Negative Refractive Index
Skobelev, Sergei (1); Smolnikova, Olga (2)
B21-02 A simple approach to invisibility under different linear approximations
Palmeri, Roberta; Isernia, Tommaso
Universita Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, DIIES, ITALY
B21-03 Resonance Scattering Effects in a Periodic Array of Gyrotropic Cylinders Irradiated by a Filamentary Electric-Dipole Source
Kudrin, Alexander; Es'kin, Vasiliy; Ivoninsky, Alexander
University of Nizhny Novgorod, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
B21-04 Analysis of Kirchhoff migration and direct sampling method within far-field approximation: from the multi-static to the mono-static configuration
Kang, Sangwoo
B21-05 A novel GO-based optimization technique for the design of shaped double reflectors
Albani, Matteo; Pavone, Santi
University of Siena, ITALY
B21-06 A Physical Insight into Complex-Source Beam Diffraction by a Wedge (Invited)
Terranova, Sergio (1); Manara, Giuliano (1); Klinkenbusch, Ludger (2)
(1) University of Pisa, ITALY; (2) Kiel University, GERMANY
B21-07 Plane wave diffraction by a truncated elliptic cylinder with a strongly elongated cross-section: asymptotics of the induced current for large values of the elongation parameter
Molinet, Frederic
B21-08 Electromagnetic Scattering by Three Unevenly Spaced Parallel Half-planes Truncated by a Metal Plane
Uslenghi, Piergiorgio (1); Poort, Marco D. (1); Daniele, Vito (2)
(1) University of Illinois at Chicago, USA; (2) Politecnico di Torino-DET, ITALY
B21-09 Computation of Antenna Transfer Functions with a Bidirectional Ray-Tracing Algorithm Utilizing Antenna Reciprocity
Taygur, Mehmet Mert; Eibert, Thomas; Sukharevsky, Ilya
Technical University of Munich, GERMANY
B21-10 Multiple-Bounce Scattering from Electrically Large Objects: Is Ray Optics Sufficient? (Invited)
Osipov, Andrey
B21-11 On the forward scattering by targets below a multilayer
Ponti, Cristina; Santarini, Valerio; Schettini, Giuseppe
Roma Tre University, ITALY
B21-P1 UAPO Solution for the Plane Wave Diffraction by a 90° Coated Wedge
Riccio, Giovanni (1); Gennarelli, Gianluca (2)
(1) University of Salerno, ITALY; (2) IREA, ITALY
B22-1 Scattering of a TE Mode by Cylindrical Posts of Different Cross Sections Located Inside a Parallel-Plate Waveguide
Uslenghi, Piergiorgio; Poort, Marco D.; Arora, Akshaj
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
B22-2 Balanced Dual-Bandpass Filter Based on Embedded Resonators with Magnetic Coupling
Medina, Francisco (1); Boix, Rafael R. (1); Martinez-Ros, Alejandro (1); Lujambio, Aintzane (2); Martin, Ferran (3); Fernandez-Prieto, Armando (1); Martel, Jesus (1); Ugarte-Parrado, Pedro (1)
(1) Universidad de Sevilla, SPAIN; (2) ALTER Technology TUV Nord, SPAIN; (3) Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, SPAIN
B22-3 Fast orbital quantum modulation using Orbital Angular Momentum wave emitter based on N-PSK modulators
Pascal, Olivier; Pigaglio, Olivier; Sokoloff, Jérome
B22-4 Innovative Filter Structure in 3D Printing Technology
dionigi, marco (1); tomassoni, cristiano (1); venanzoni, giuseppe (1); sorrentino, roberto (2)
(1) University of Perugia D.I., ITALY; (2) R.F. Microtech Srl, ITALY
B22-5 On General Boundary Conditions
Lindell, Ismo; Sihvola Ari
Aalto University, FINLAND
C01-1 Comparison of Software Defined Radio Techniques and Smart Metering Devices for Predictive Maintenance Applications
Faschingbauer, Alexander; Kunze, Stefan; Poeschl, Rainer
Deggendorf Institute of Technology, GERMANY
C01-2 Concept for a Software Defined Radio Based System for Detection, Classification and Analysis of Radio Signals from Civilian Unmanned Aerial Systems
Kunze, Stefan; Weinberger, Alexander; Poeschl, Rainer
Deggendorf Institute of Technology, GERMANY; () Deggendorf Institute of Technlogy, GERMANY; () Deggendorf Institute of Technology, GERMANY
C02-01 A Supervisory System for Partial Discharge Monitoring
Saeed, Bakhtiar
University of Huddersfield, UNITED KINGDOM
C02-02 Coalition Formation Games Based Sub-Channel Allocation for Device-to-Device Underlay mmWave Small Cells
Niu, Yong (1); Shi, Han (1); He, Ruisi (1); Zhong, Zhangdui (1); Li, Yong (2)
(1) Beijing Jiaotong University, CHINA CIE; (2) Tsinghua University, CHINA CIE
C02-03 Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Millimeter-Wave-Based Fog Radio Access Networks
Zhang, Haijun (1); Li, Xuebin (2); Long, Keping (1); Zhu, Lei (2)
(1) University of Science and Technology Beijing, CHINA CIE; (2) Beijing University of Chemical Technology, CHINA CIE
C02-04 Enhancing the Coexistence between LTE and Radar Systems in the Unlicensed Bands
Labib, Mina (1); Zaghloul, Amir (2); Marojevic, Vuk (1); H. Reed, Jeffrey (1); F. Martone, Anthony (2)
(1) Virginia Tech, USA; (2) US Army Research Lab, USA
C02-05 A Novel Adaptive Golay Correlator Synchronizer for IEEE 802.11ad Indoor mmWave Systems
El-Yamany, Ahmed; Petri, Markus
IHP - Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics, GERMANY
C02-06 Positioning of dynamic objects by means of systems of multi-frequency sounding of HF radio paths with the use of FMCW signals
Ivanov, Dmitry
Volga State University of Technology, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
C02-07 Comparison Between a Multiband PIFA and a Ultrawideband Archimedean Spiral Antenna for Energy Harvesting in Microwave Bands
Alex-Amor, Antonio (1); Sierra-Castaner, Manuel (1); Padilla, Pablo (2); Fernandez-Gonzalez, José Manuel (1)
(1) Technical University of Madrid, SPAIN; (2) University of Granada, SPAIN
C02-P1 Source-receiver Ionospheric-scintillation Global Model of the upper Atmosphere (SIGMA): Sensitivity Analysis
Conroy, James (1); Scales, Wayne (2); Deshpande, Kshitija (3); Zaghloul, Amir (2)
(1) Virginia Tech, JHUAPL, USA; (2) Virginia Tech, USA; (3) Embry-Riddle, USA
C02-P2 Designing a low-cost DMR module for use in M2M/IoT applications
Ganchev, Ivan; O'Droma, Mairtin; Ji, Zhanlin
University of Limerick, IRELAND
C02-P3 An Adaptive IEEE 802.11ad Indoor mmWave Inner-Receiver Architecture
El-Yamany, Ahmed; Petri, Markus
IHP - Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics, GERMANY
C04-1 Performance Improvement of 7200 bps IMBE Vocoder with Improved FEC
Eksim, Ali (1); Yetik, Hasan (2)
C04-2 Burst erasure correcting codes for carousel transmission
Tarable, Alberto
National Research Council of Italy, ITALY
C04-P Non linear power amplifier effects on post-OFDM waveforms
Louet, Yves (1); ROVIRAS, Daniel (2); BEN MABROUK, Mouna (3); SHAIEK, Hmaied (2); MEDJAHDI, Yahia (2)
(1) CentraleSupélec - IETR, FRANCE; (2) CNAM Paris, FRANCE; (3) CentraleSupélec, FRANCE
C05-1 Using the Q/V-band Aldo Paraboni payload to validate future satellite systems: test campaign and preliminary results of the QV-LIFT project
Petrolino, Antonio (1); Sigler, Manuel (2); Parca, Giorgia (3); Codispoti, Giuseppe (3); Vaccaro, Attilio (1); Massaro, Fabrizio (4); Bacci, Giacomo (1); Luini, Lorenzo (5); Riva, Carlo (5)
(1) MBI srl. Pisa, ITALY; (2) Erzia, ITALY; (3) ASI, ITALY; (4) Eutelsat, ITALY; (5) Politecnico di Milano/CNR, ITALY
C05-2 Tunnel Diodes for Backscattering Communications
Amato, Francesco (1); Durgin, Gregory (2)
(1) Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, ITALY; (2) Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
C05-3 System Analysis of a Wake-Up Receiver Based on Surface Acoustic Wave Correlator
Abughannam, Saed; Scheytt, Christoph
Heinz Nixdorf Institute, GERMANY
C05-4 High Bandwidth Maritime Communication Systems - Review of Existing Solutions and New Proposals
Newe, Thomas; Robinson, Luke; Toal, Daniel
University of Limerick, IRELAND
C05-5 Synchronization for Coherent Averaging Based Communication System
Asgharzadeh, Mohammadmahdi; Novakov, Emil; Maury, Ghislaine
C07-1 Influence of Channel Estimation Error on Noise Enhancement Suppression with Multilevel Spreading Codes
Motoki, Tatsuya; Kobayashi, Takehiko
Tokyo Denki University, JAPAN
C07-2 Low Power High-Speed ADC based Partial Discharge Sensor for Wireless Fault Detection in Substations
Upton, David
University of Huddersfield, UNITED KINGDOM
C07-4 Electromagnetic Modeling of Human Subject Vital Signs, Motion Tracking, and Gait Analysis and Experimental Validation
Kilic, Ozlem (1); Fathy, Aly (2)
(1) The Catholic University of America, USA; (2) University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
C07-P1 In-situ investigation of rain drop size distribution (DSD) using Micro Rain Radar Data and its effect on microwave radio signal in tropical region
Tomiwa, Akinyemi (1); Ajewole, Moses O. (2); Ojo, Joseph S (2)
(1) Adekunle Ajasin University , NIGERIA; (2) Federal University of Technology Akure, NIGERIA
C07-P2 A study of the peak-windowing performance considering the impact of the window width
Cheaito, Ali (1); Louet, Yves (2)
(1) Centralesupélec, FRANCE; (2) CentraleSupélec - IETR, FRANCE
C07-P3 Global Abnormal Event Detection in Video via Motion Information Entropy
Wang, Zhipeng (1); Li, Beichen (1); Hou, Chunping (1); Yao, Li (2); Song, Mei (3); Chen, Tianyu (1)
(1) Tianjin University, CHINA CIE; (2) Beijing Normal University, CHINA CIE; (3) Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication, CHINA CIE
D01-01 Characterization of Indoor Visible Light Communication Channels and Design of a DCO-OFDM System
Tagliaferri, Dario; Capsoni, Carlo
Politecnico di Milano, ITALY
D01-02 Electronic and optical properties of phosphorene-graphene van der Waals heterostructures
Hu, Xuerong (1); Sun, Zhipei (1); Zheng, Jiming (2); Ren, Zhaoyu (2)
(1) Aalto University, FINLAND; (2) Northwest University, CHINA CIE
D01-03 High Frequency SAW Resonator Design, Simulation, and Optimization With Applications to Chemical Gas Sensors
Sun, Libin; Zaghloul, Mona
The George Washington University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, USA
D01-04 Reconfigurable frequency discriminator with uniform 2-bit frequency band using slow wave structure
Sim, Sungmin (1); Lee, Yeonsu (1); Kang, Hye-lim (1); Song, Minho (1); Kim, Jung-Mu (1); Melo, Marcos T. de (2); Llamas-Garro, Ignacio (3)
(1) Chonbuk National University, SOUTH KOREA; (2) UFPE, BRAZIL; (3) CTTC, SPAIN
D01-05 Ultra-Wideband Reconfigurable Filter with Electronically-Switchable Bandpass/Bandstop States
Gomez-Garcia, Roberto
Univ. of Alcala, Pza. San Diego, s/n, SPAIN
D01-06 Analysis of Static Analog Linearizer Architectures for Power Amplifiers
Cunha, Telmo; Tome, Pedro; Castela, Cristiano
Universidade de Aveiro - Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, PORTUGAL
D01-07 Noiseless Control and Amplification of Periodic Waveforms Through Talbot Self-Imaging (Invited)
Romero Cortes, Luis; Azana, Jose; Maram, Reza
D01-P1 Single-Chip Gen2-Compliant UHF RFID Sensor Tags based on Novel Pseudo-BAP Mode
Catarinucci, Luca; Colella, Riccardo
University of Salento, ITALY
D01-P2 On the Use of Vector Fitting and State-Space Modeling to Maximize the DC Power Collected by a Wireless Power Transfer System
rousseau, regis
D01-P3 Design of UHF RFID tag on PLA substrate for food traceability
Abdelnour, Abanob-Assaad-Amin (1); Villarino, Ramon (2); Kaddour, Darine (1); Lazaro, Antonio (2); Tedjini, Smail (3); Mercier, Christophe (4); Ibars, Eduard (2); Girbau, David (2)
(1) Univ. Grenoble Alpes, FRANCE; (2) Rovira i Virgili University, SPAIN; (3) LCIS, FRANCE; (4) Ardeje, FRANCE
E01-01 Analytical Technique to Determine the Electric Field Above a Two-layered Medium
Galic, Marin; Doric, Vicko; Poljak, Dragan
University of Split, CROATIA
E01-02 An efficient implementation of the periodic method of moments for shielding effectiveness calculations of thin-wire grids
Gronwald, Frank
University of Siegen, GERMANY
E01-03 A domain decomposition method to simulate the response of biological cell systems exposed to radio frequency
Stiemer, Marcus; Kielian, Nils; Rozgic, Marco; Boehmelt, Sebastian; Dudzinski, Michael
Helmut Schmidt University, GERMANY
E01-04 Antenna Calibration with Improved Accuracy in a Semi-Anechoic Chamber
Fichte, Lars Ole; Jalali, Narjes; Stiemer, Marcus; Barbary, Ines
Helmut Schmidt University, GERMANY
E01-05 Generalized Telegrapher’s Equations for Buried Curved Wires
Poljak, Dragan
University of Split, CROATIA
E01-06 Advanced assessment of the risk of underestimating EMC conducted tests for satellites in-flight conditions
Lallechère, Sebastien
University Clermont Auvergne, FRANCE
E01-07 Direct time domain analytical solution for the transient impedance of the horizontal grounding electrode
Sesnic, Silvestar; Poljak, Dragan
University of Split, CROATIA
E01-08 Extraction of Via Defects from Very-Near-Field Measuremet and Source Reconstruction Method
Rafieealavi, Rezvan; Mirzavand, Rashid; Mousavi, Pedram; Kiaee, Ali
University of Alberta, CANADA
E01-09 Electromagnetic Modeling of a MESFET transistor using the MOM-GEC
Soltani, Takoua; Aguili, Taoufik; Soltani, Imen
E02-01 A Circuit Model of the Automotive and Military Test Setups for Disturbance E-field Measurement with Rod Antenna
Carobbi, Carlo
University of Florence, ITALY
E02-02 SATA interface in the process of electromagnetic infiltration
Przesmycki, Rafal; Wnuk, Marian; Bugaj, Marek
Military University of Technology, POLAND
E02-03 Propagation of Stochastic Field Emissions: A Wigner Function Approach
Gradoni, Gabriele (1); Arnaut, Luk (2); Smartt, Chris (1); Creagh, Stephen (1); Thomas, David (1); Tanner, Gregor (1); Nasser, Hayan (1); Madenoor Ramapriya, Deepthee (1); Baharuddin, Mohd Hafiz (1)
(1) University of Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) Queen Mary University of London, UNITED KINGDOM; (1) University of Notttingham, UNITED KINGDOM; (1) University of Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
E02-04 Mitigation Technique to Reduce the Wi-Fi Susceptibility to Jamming Signal
Romero, Grecia (1); deniau, virginie (2)
(1) University of Lille 1, FRANCE; (2) IFSTTAR, FRANCE
E02-05 Susceptibility of 4G communications in the railway EM environment
Stienne, Olivier (1); deniau, virginie (1); Kousri, Mohamed Raouf (2); Simon, Eric (3)
(1) IFSTTAR, FRANCE; (2) Railenium, FRANCE; (3) IEMN-Telice, FRANCE
E02-06 EMI apparatus performance of a fully steerable radio telescope
Bergano, Miguel (1); Barbosa, Domingos (1); Ribeiro, Valerio (2)
(1) Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, PORTUGAL; (2) CIDMA, PORTUGAL
E02-07 Characteristic Mode Analysis as a Pattern Recognition Technique for Electromagnetic Compatibility
Gronwald, Frank
University of Siegen, GERMANY
E02-08 The Predictive Posterior Probability Density Function for the Rectangular Probability Model and its Application to EMC and RF Measurements
Carobbi, Carlo
University of Florence, ITALY
E02-09 Identification of temporal sources for transmission lines applications
Bonnet, Pierre; LALLECHERE, Sebastien; Paladian, Francoise; Chauvière, Cedric; Al Ibrahim, Ali
University Clermont Auvergne, FRANCE
E02-10 An Interpretation of Time Reversal Invariant Systems
Rubinstein, Marcos (1); Rachidi, Farhad (2)
(1) University of Appliend Sciences Western Switzerland, SWITZERLAND; (2) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, SWITZERLAND
E02-11 Statistics of Trans-Impedance of Coupled Electrically-Large Enclosures
Anlage, Steven (1); Gradoni, Gabriele (2)
"(1) University of Maryland, USA; (2) University of Nottingham, UK "
E04-1 Method for measuring background noise levels conducted over low voltage power lines
Nowosielski, Leszek (1); Wnuk, Marian (1); Uljasz, Bogdan (1); Nowosielski, MichaB (2)
(1) Military University of Technology, POLAND; (2) Medical University of Warsaw, POLAND
E04-2 Measurement of background noise levels conducted over low voltage power lines in urban and rural areas
Nowosielski, Leszek (1); Nowosielski, MichaB (2); Wnuk, Marian (1); Uljasz, Bogdan (1)
(1) Military University of Technology, POLAND; (2) Medical University of Warsaw, POLAND
E04-3 Software Instrumentation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for HPEM Effects Detection
Lopes Esteves, José
E04-4 Susceptibility testing of COTS Sensors to RF Pulses with focus on widespread electronics for Information Security risks management and mitigation
Kasmi, Chaouki; Bluhm, Manuel; Garipov, Arthur; Al Shehhi, Eiman
E04-5 Pulse Injection of a Buck Converter
Gardner, Robert
Consultant, USA
E04-6 Evaluation of Interference Due to Rain in Millimeter Waves
Surco Espejo, Teddy M.
Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
E04-P1 Validation of the D-dot probe for HPEM pulsed electromagnetic field measurements
Przesmycki, Rafal; Bugaj, Marek; Wnuk, Marian
Military University of Technology, POLAND
E04-P2 The method of material absorption measurement using the HPM generator
Przesmycki, Rafal; Nowosielski, Leszek; Wnuk, Marian
Military University of Technology, POLAND
E04-P3 Electromagnetic Noise Generated by an Arc Tracking between DC Conductors during its Early Time
Degauque, Pierre (1); Laly, Pierre (1); Degardin, Virginie (1); Lienard, Martine (1); Valensi, Flavien (2); kone, lamine (1)
(1) University of Lille, FRANCE; (2) University Paul Sabatier, FRANCE
F01-1 Extending the diversity outage performance of microwave LOS links to MIMO
Gagnon, Francois (1); Dahman, Ghassan (1); Poitau, Gwenael (2)
(1) Ecole de technologie superieure, CANADA; (2) Ultra Electronics TCS, CANADA
F01-2 Localization of Partial Discharge by Using Received Signal Strength
Khan, Umar (1); Upton, David (1); Atkinson, D (2); Mohamed, Hamd (1); Saeed, Bakhtiar (1); Lazaridis, Pavlos (1); Mistry, Keyur (1); Mather, Peter (1); Vieira, Maria F Q (3)
(1) University of Huddersfield , UNITED KINGDOM; (1) University of Huddersfield, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) University of Dtrathclyde, UNITED KINGDOM; (1) University of Huddersfield , UNITED KINGDOM; (1) University of Huddersfield, UNITED KINGDOM; (3) Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, BRAZIL
F01-3 Exploring the Feasibility of Indoor Human Positioning by Using Radio Channel Properties of a Single Link
Miao, Yang (1); Tanghe, Emmeric (1); Lienard, Martine (2); Joseph, Wout (1); Plets, David (1); Aminzadeh, Reza (1); Martens, Luc (1); Gaillot, Davy (2); Berkvens, Raf (3); Weyn, Maarten (3); Laly, Pierre (2)
(1) Ghent University, BELGIUM; (2) University of Lille, FRANCE; (3) University of Antwerp, BELGIUM
F01-4 Modelling Polarimetric Power Delay Spectrum for Indoor Wireless Channels via Propagation Graph Formalism
Adeogun, Ramoni; Pedersen, Troels
Aalborg University, DENMARK
F01-5 On the worst case trajectories of microwave links above Belgium
Van Lil, Emmanuel (1); Van Malderen, Roeland (2)
(1) KU Leuven, BELGIUM; (2) Royal Meteorological Institute, BELGIUM
F01-6 Assessment of time diversity as a fade mitigation technique in Ka band at a tropical location
Das, Saurabh
Center for Soft Computing Research, Indian Statistical Institute, INDIA
F01-P Ground Reflection Effect on OAM Multiplexing System with Radial Uniform Circular Array Antennas
Son, Hae-Won; Yoo, Jeong-Ung
Chonbuk National University, SOUTH KOREA
F02-1 Bistatic ArcSAR
Pieraccini, Massimiliano; Miccinesi, Lapo
Universita di Firenze, ITALY
F02-2 Forest Fire Detection with Weather Radars
Santalla del Rio, Veronica
University of Vigo, SPAIN
F02-3 Coexistence of weather radars and telecommunication systems
Vaccarono, Mattia
Colorado State University, USA
F02-4 Theoretical analysis of 2D spectra of radar returns
Saillard, Marc (1); Platzer, Florestan (2); Fabbro, Vincent (2)
(1) University of Toulon, FRANCE; (2) ONERA, FRANCE
F02-5 Impacts of Radio Frequency Interference in Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
Tao, Mingliang; Su, Jia
Northwestern Polytechnical University, CHINA CIE
F02-8 On the Design of a side-looking Drone-borne GPR and its Physical Basis
Chandra, Madhu (1); Tanzi, Tullio (2)
(1) Chemnitz University of Technology, GERMANY; (2) LTCI CNRS, FRANCE
F02-P1 Comparison of FeO and TiO2 abundance with 6-meter wavelength radar mapping of the Moon
Serrano, Alessandra; Vierinen, Juha
University of Tromso, NORWAY
F02-P2 Atmospheric tidal waves in the troposphere and lower stratosphere observed by Wuhan MST radar
Qing, Haiyin
Leshan Normal University, CHINA CIE
F03-1 Precise localization of multiple non-cooperative objects in a disordered cavity by wavefront shaping
del Hougne, Philipp (1); Smith, David R. (2); Fink, Mathias (1); Lerosey, Geoffroy (1); Imani, Mohammadreza F. (2)
(1) Institut Langevin CNRS , FRANCE; (2) Duke University, USA
F03-2 Investigation of Depolarisation and cross-polarisation over Ku-band Satellite links in a Guinea Savannah Location in Nigeria
Durodola, Omotayo May (1); Ibrahim, Aminu (1); Ojo, Joseph S (2); Ajewole, Moses O. (2)
(1) University of Jos, NIGERIA; (2) Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria, NIGERIA
Haralambous, Haris (1); Tymvios, Filippos (2); Kotroni, Vasiliki (3); Dimitrova, Tsvetelina (4); Lagouvardos, Konstantinos (3); Guerova, Guergana (5); Oikonomou, Christina (1); Pikridas, Christos (6)
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F24-2 Weather Radar and raingauge data fusion for rainfall estimation: The Livorno 2017 case (Invited)
Cuccoli, Fabrizio (1); Antonini, Andrea (2); Melani, Samantha (3); Facheris, Luca (1)
(1) University of Firenze, ITALY; (2) LAMMA Consortium, Sesto Fiorentino, ITALY; (3) CNR-IBIMET, ITALY
F24-3 Comaparison of disdrometer performance during GPM-GV IFloodS field campaign
Adirosi, Elisa (1); Tokay, Ali (2); Baldini, Luca (1)
(1) CNR-Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, ITALY; (2) University of Maryland, USA
F24-4 Mitigating the effects of wind turbine clutter on weather radar observations using an observation-based adaptive filter
Ruzanski, Evan (1); Chandrasekar, Chandra V (2)
(1) Vaisala, Inc., USA; (2) Colorado State University, USA
F24-5 Rain Rate Retrieval from Millimeter-wave Propagation Measurements in China
Han, Congzheng; Duan, Shu; Bi, Yongheng
Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA CIE
F24-P Microphysical and Kinematic Characteristics of Precipitation Systems derived from Quasi-Vertical Profiles of Radar Measurables
Lee, GyuWon
Kyungpook National University, SOUTH KOREA
G02-1 A Bottomside Profile Function for the Empirical Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (E-CHAIM)
Themens, David; Jayachandran, P.T.
University of New Brunswick, CANADA
G02-2 Changes in the stratosphere and ionosphere parameters during the 2013 major stratospheric warming
Yasyukevich, Anna
G02-3 Summer noontime hmF2 long-term trends inferred from foF1 and foF2 ionosonde observations in Europe
Mikhailov, Andrey (1); Perrone, Loredana (2); Shubin, V. (3)
(1) IZMIRAN, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) INGV, ITALY; (3) Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, RAS, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
G02-4 The spatial structure of the equatorial anomaly in accordance with results of satellite radio sounding from altitudes below the maximum of the F2 layer
Kotonaeva, Nadezhda; Danilkin, Nick
Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
G02-5 Using Lightning as a HF Signal-of-Opportunity to Produce Ionograms
Obenberger, Kenneth (1); Malins, Joseph (2)
(1) AFRL, USA; (2) University of New Mexico, USA
G02-6 Autoscaled MUF assimilation in RATIM
Sabbagh, Dario
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, ITALY
G02-7 Characterization of Slab-Thickness and Bo Parameter and Comparison with the IRI model Over an equatorial Station in Africa
Odeyemi, Olumide
Ekiti State University, NIGERIA
G02-8 Random Forest, Support Vector Regression and Gradient Boosting Methods for Ionosphere Total Electron Content Nowcasting problem at mid-latitudes
Zhukov, Aleksei (1); Yasyukevich, Yury (1); Mylnikova, Anna (1); Sidorov, Denis (2)
G02-P1 Effect of solar activity on night-time F-layer height profile at the magnetic equator West Africa during the solar minimum period 1995-1997
Zaka, Komenan (1); Tanoh, Koua S. (1); Mene, Niangoran M. (2)
(1) Universite de Man, COTE 'D'IVOIRE; (2) Universite Peleforo Gbon Coulibaly, COTE 'D'IVOIRE
G02-P2 Diagnostics of the ionospheric sub-auroral region on the example of the main ionospheric trough and AKR-like emissions
Matyjasiak, Barbara; Przepiorka, Dorota; Rothkaehl, Hanna; Marek, MichaB
Space Research Centre PAS, Poland
G02-P3 Ionosonde data analysis in relation with the occurrence of the 24 August 2016 M6 Amatrice earthquake
Ippolito, Alessandro; De Santis, Angelo; Perrone, Loredana
INGV, Istituto Nazionale di geofisica e Vulcanologia, ITALY
Grynyshyna-Poliuga, Oksana
Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences, POLAND
G05-2 Space Weather Modelling for the High-latitude Aeronautical HF Radio Prediction Service (HARP)
Rogers, Neil (1); Zaalov, Nikolay (2); Thorn, Peter (3); Al-Behadili, Hasanain (4); Gibbs, Mark (3); Warrington, Michael (4); Siddle, David (4); Stocker, Alan (4); Jones, Bryn (5); Honary, Farideh (1)
(1) University of Lancaster, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) St Petersburg University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (3) Met Office, UNITED KINGDOM; (4) University of Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM; (5) SolarMetrics ltd, UNITED KINGDOM; (1) Lancaster University, UNITED KINGDOM
G05-3 Low cost development of HF receiver prototype for HF-START field campaign
Hozumi, Kornyanat (1); Kondo, Takumi (1); Maruyama, Takashi (1); Saito, Susumu (1); Tsugawa, Takuya (1); Ishii, Mamoru (1); Nakata, Hiroyuki (2)
(1) NICT, JAPAN; (2) Chiba University, JAPAN
G05-4 On development of the forecasting model of GNSS positioning performance degradation due to space weather and ionospheric conditions
Fili, Mia
University of Rijeka, CROATIA
G05-5 Ionospheric Irregularities over Norilsk during the 27-28 May 2017 Geomagnetic Storm
Ovodenko, Vladimir (1); Kotova, Daria (2); Uspensky, Mikhail (3); Rakhmatulin, Ravil (4); Ratovsky, Konstantin (4); Dmitriev, Alexei (5); Suvorova, Alla (5); Klimenko, Vladimir (2); Zakharenkova, Irina (2); Klimenko, Maxim (2); Chirik, Nickolay (2); Tytin, Ilya (1); Pashinin, Alexander (4)
(1) JSC Scientific Research Institute for Long-Distance Radiocommunication, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) West Department of Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (3) Finnish Meteorological Institute, FINLAND; (4) SB RAS, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (5) National Central University, TAIWAN
G05-6 Comparative study of the influence of different ionospheric disturbances on the GPS scintillations at high latitudes
Belakhovsky, Vladimir (1); Jin, Yaqi (2); Miloch, Wojciech (2)
(1) Polar Geophysical Institute, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) University of Oslo, NORWAY
G05-7 International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems: Space Weather
Gadimova, Sharafat
United Nations, AUSTRIA
G05-8 Ionospheric Polar Cap Patches Observed in Antarctic Summer using Swarm
Chartier, Alex
Johns Hopkins APL, USA
G05-9 Equatorial electrodynamics during the Solar Flare
SG, Sumod (1); Pant, Tarun (2)
(1) Sacred Heart College, INDIA; (2) Indian Space Research Organization, INDIA
G05-P1 The research of the universal radar tropopause model
Qing, Haiyin
Leshan Normal University, CHINA CIE
G05-P2 Numerical simulation of European VLF network response to X-class solar flare in September 2017.
Ryakhovskiy, Iliya
G05-P3 St Patrick's Day storms and GPS-TEC response at some African Low-latitude stations
Landmark University, NIGERIA
G06-1 EGNOS performance degradation during the passage of travelling ionospheric disturbances
Borries, Claudia (1); Pintor, Pedro (2)
(1) German Aerospace Center (DLR), GERMANY; (2) ESSP SAS, FRANCE
G06-2 An over bounding model of higher order ionospheric residuals for dual-frequency SBAS
Hoque, Mohammed Mainul; Schlueter, Stefan
German Aerospace Center, GERMANY
G06-3 Method of determining a coherence band and plotting coherence band maps for a transionospheric radio channel
Ovchinnikov, Vladimir
Volga State University of Technology, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
G06-4 Features of observing for weak MSTIDs by GNSS satellites
Sherstyukov, Ruslan
Kazan Federal University, RUSSIAN
G06-P Modified MSTIDs by SURA powerful radio wave emitting
Sherstyukov, Ruslan
Kazan Federal University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
H02-1 Numerical analysis of antenna excitation of quasi-electrostatic waves: application to probing of the near-Earth plasma
Shirokov, Evgenii
Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
H02-2 Observations of Whistler Waves in the Magnetic Reconnection Diffusion Region
Huang, Shiyong
Wuhan University, USA
H02-3 Alfvén Wave Energy Flow into the Polar Region
Keiling, Andreas
University of California - Berkeley, USA
H02-4 Dependence of the Effective Length of a Receiving Antenna on the Space Charge Distribution in a Model Source of Quasi-Electrostatic Chorus Emissions
Shirokov, Evgenii; Demekhov, Andrei
Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
H02-5 Role of plasma inhomogeneities in the generation of broadband waves in the polar ionosphere
Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
H03-1 Numerical Simulation of Spacecraft Charging Processes in Time-varying Plasma Environment
Miyake, Yohei (1); Katoh, Yuto (2); Kiriyama, Takeshi (1); Usui, Hideyuki (1)
(1) Kobe University, JAPAN; (2) Tohoku University, JAPAN
H03-2 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Magnetized Plasmas: Numerical Model and Experimental Validation
Torrisi, Giuseppe (1); Celona, Luigi (1); Naselli, Eugenia (1); Castro, Giuseppe (1); Mascali, David (1); Gammino, Santo (1); Mazzaglia, Maria (1); Sorbello, Gino (2)
(1) Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare , ITALY; (2) Universita degli Studi di Catania, ITALY
H03-3 Pc1 waves spectral characteristics associated with variations of their source location
Inoue, Tomohiro (1); Ozaki, Mitsunori (1); Shiokawa, Kazuo (2); Ebihara, Yusuke (3); Miyoshi, Yoshizumi (2); Nomura, Reiko (4); Yagitani, Satoshi (1); Connors, Martin (5); Sakaguchi, Kaori (6); Kataoka, Ryuho (7); Otsuka, Yuichi (2)
(1) Kanazawa University, JAPAN; (2) Nagoya University, JAPAN; (3) Kyoto University, JAPAN; (4) The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAPAN; (5) Athabasca University, JAPAN; (6) National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, JAPAN; (7) National Institute of Polar Research, JAPAN
H03-4 Frequency Dependent Source Locations of Whistler Mode Waves in the Plasmasphere: A Raytracing Approach
Maxworth, Ashanthi (1); Golkowski, Mark (2); Malaspina, David (3); Jaynes, Allison (4)
(1) University of Saskatchewan, CANADA; (2) University of Colorado Denver, USA; (3) University of Colorado Boulder, USA; (4) University of Iowa, USA
H03-6 Electromagnetic signatures of winter thunderstorms observed in the West Mediterranean
Kolmasova, Ivana (1); Santolik, Ondrej (1); Uhlir, Ludek (1); Pedeboy, Stephane (2); Lan, Radek (1); Kolinska, Andrea (1)
(1) Institute of Atmospheric Physics CAS, CZECH REPUBLIC; (2) METEORAGE, FRANCE
H03-P1 Birotor dipole for Saturn’s magnetic field model derived from Cassini radio and magnetic observations
Galopeau, Patrick
J01-01 WIBAR: a wide band spectrometer for the Nançay Radio Telescope
Martin, Jean-Michel; Colom, Pierre; Gérard, Eric; Kenfack, Guy; Lecacheux, Alain; Roig, Jean-Francois; Belleval, Christophe; Borsenberger, Jean
Observatoire de Paris, PSL, FRANCE
J01-02 Beamforming in Radio Astronomy: State of the Art and Future Challenges (Invited)
Chippendale, Aaron
Hellbourg, Gregory
University of California, USA
J01-04 Narrow-band signal classification using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Rankawat, Mansi (1); Harp, G. R. (2)
(1) NVIDIA Corporation, USA; (2) SETI Institute, USA
J01-05 Comparison of signal detectors for time domain radio SETI
Hellbourg, Gregory; Xu, Andrew
University of California, USA
J01-06 High-performance pipeline processing for ASKAP
Ord, Stephen; Mitchell, Daniel; Voronkov, Maxim; Whiting, Matthew; Guzman, Juan Carlos
J01-07 Software Enabled Wideband Spectroscopy for Breakthrough Listen (Invited)
MacMahon, Dave
University of California at Berkeley, USA
J01-08 The low-frequency beamformer and imager NenuFAR
Zarka, Philippe (1); consortium, NenuFAR-France (2)
(1) LESIA, CNRS, PSL, FRANCE; (2) Université d'Orléans, FRANCE
J01-09 Development of a new digital signal processing platform for the Square Kilometre Array (Invited)
Naldi, Giovanni (1); De Marco, Andrea (1); Perini, Federico (1); D'Angelo, Sergio (12); Pastore, Sandro (3); Schilliro, Francesco (1); Alderighi, Monica (2); Mattana, Andrea (1); Monari, Jader (1); Roberts, Matt (3); Magro, Alessio (4); Navarrini, Alessandro (1); Concu, Raimondo (1); Pupillo, Giuseppe (1); Poloni, Marco (1); Chiarucci, Simone (5); Aminaei, Amin (6); Halsall, Rob (3); Baker, Jeremy (3); Schiaffino, Marco (1); Rusticelli, Simone (1); Dalle Mura, Gabriele (7); Melis, Andrea (1); Zaccaro, Emanuele (7); Belli, Carolina (5); Zarb Adami, Kris (4); Comoretto, Gianni (1); Chiello, Riccardo (6)
(1) INAF, ITALY; (12) IASF, ITALY; (3) Sanitas EG, ITALY; (2) IASF, ITALY; (3) STFC, UNITED KINGDOM; (4) University of Malta, MALTA; (1) INAF , ITALY; (5) ARCETRI, ITALY; (6) Univesity of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM; (1) INAF, ITALY; (7) CAMPERA, SPAIN; (6) University of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
J01-10 Real-time RFI mitigation for LOFAR, Apertif and SKA (Invited)
van Nieuwpoort, Rob (1); Spreeuw, Hanno (1); Sclocco, Alessio (1); van Leeuwen, Joeri (2); Williams, Chris (3)
(1) Netherlands eScience center, NETHERLANDS; (2) ASTRON, NETHERLANDS; (3) University of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
J01-11 Wideband Digital Technology for Radio Astronomy (Invited)
Weintroub, Jonathan (1); MacMahon, David (2)
"(1) Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA; (2) Radio Astronomy Lab, University of California Berkeley, USA "
J01-12 A Software-Defined Spectral Line Observing System for the DVA1 Telescope
Harrison, Stephen (1); Hovey, Gary (2); Robishaw, Timothy (2)
(1) National Research Council of Canada, CANADA; (2) Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, CANADA
J01-13 SKA1 Central Signal Processor Software: An Overview (Invited)
Vrcic, Sonja
National Research Council - HAA, CANADA
J02-01 SKA1-Low Science
Braun, Robert
J02-02 SKA1-Low Engineering
Braun, Robert
J02-03 Optimizing Aperture Arrays for Bright Foreground Removal: HERA and Beyond
Parsons, Aaron; Dillon, Joshua
University of California, Berkeley, USA
J02-04 The low-frequency radiotelescope NenuFAR
Zarka, Philippe (1); Loh, Alan (1); Girard, Julien (2); Coffre, Andree (3); Dumez-Viou, Cédric (3); consortium, NenuFAR-France (3); Griessmeier, Jean-Mathias (3); Tagger, Michel (3)
(1) LESIA, CNRS, PSL, FRANCE; (2) Université Paris Diderot, FRANCE; (3) Université d'Orléans, FRANCE
J02-05 The SKA1_Low Telescope: the Station Design and Prototyping
Bij de Vaate, Jan Geralt
J02-06 Designing antennas for large N Aperture Arrays: the SKA and HERA cases
de Lera Acedo, Eloy; Pienaar, Hardie; Fagnoni, Nicolas
University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
J02-07 Receiver system design for low frequency radio astronomy applications (Invited)
Razavi-Ghods, Nima
University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
J02-08 The Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA): simulations of the chromatic effects in HERA 19 and impact on the EoR delay power spectrum detection
Fagnoni, Nicolas; de Lera Acedo, Eloy
University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
J02-09 Electromagnetic characterization and modeling of SKA1-LOW stations for design and calibration
de Lera Acedo, Eloy (1); Craeye, Christophe (2); Pienaar, Hardie (1); van Ha, Bui (2)
(1) University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) Universite Catholique de Louvain, UNITED KINGDOM
J02-10 Initial MFAA Nearfield measurements using a UAV platform
Pienaar, Hardie; de Lera Acedo, Eloy
Cambridge University, UNITED KINGDOM
J02-11 SKA Aperture Array Digital Beamforming Technique
Faulkner, Andrew (1); Zarb Adami, Kris (2)
(1) University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) University of Malta, UNITED KINGDOM
J02-12 Network defined Radio apertures
Zarb Adami, Kris
University of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
J02-13 Regular Sparse Arrays: the Impact of Grating Lobes on Radio Astronomical Observations
Bij de Vaate, Jan Geralt (1); Davidson, David (2); Wijnholds, Stefan (1)
J02-14 Optical Configuration of the ngVLA Double-Offset Reflector Antenna
Srikanth, Sivasankaran
National Radio Astronomy Observatory/AUI, USA
J02-P1 New low-frequency radio array for solar, planetary, galactic and extragalactic radio observations at Lustbuehel Observatory.
Panchenko, Mykhaylo (1); Konovalenko, Alexandr (2); Rucker, Helmut O. (1)
(1) Austrian Academy of Sciences, AUSTRIA; (2) Institute of Radio Astronomy, UKRAINE
J02-P2 The Polarization Performance of MingantU SpEctral Radioheliograph
Su, Cang; Yan, Yihua; Wang, Wei
J03-1 Detecting Fast Radio Bursts(FRBs) using Convolutional Neural Networks
Rankawat, Anushree (1); Harp, G. R. (1); Rankawat, Mansi (2)
(1) SETI Institute, INDIA; (2) NVIDIA Corporation, INDIA
J03-2 Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for the Generation of High Fidelity Images from Radio Interferometer Visibility Data
Harp, G. R. (1); Rankawat, Mansi (2)
(1) SETI Institute, USA; (2) NVIDIA Corporation, USA
J03-3 SVD/MCMC pipeline for separating the global 21-cm signal from foregrounds/systematics
Rapetti, David
University of Colorado Boulder, USA
J03-4 Extracting the Global Cosmological 21-cm Signal from EDGES Data Using MCMC
Monsalve, Raul (1); Mahesh, Nivedita (2); Bowman, Judd (2); Rogers, Alan (3); Mozdzen, Thomas (2)
(1) University of Colorado Boulder, USA; (2) Arizona State University, USA; (3) MIT Haystack Observatory, USA
J03-6 Artificial Neural Networks in Foreground Removal from Low Frequency Cosmological Observations
Datta, Abhirup; Choudhury, Madhurima
J04-1 PHased Arrays for Reflector Observing Systems and its upgrade
Liu, Lei (1); Navarrini, Alessandro (2); Grainge, Keith (1)
(1) University of Manchester, Jodrell Bank Observatory, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari, ITALY
J04-3 Design of PHAROS2 Phased Array Feed
Navarrini, Alessandro (1); Roda, Juri (1); Chiello, Riccardo (2); Comoretto, Gianni (1); Liu, Lei (3); Pupillo, Giuseppe (1); Rusticelli, Simone (1); Nesti, Renzo (1); Pisanu, Tonino (1); Morsiani, Marco (1); Perini, Federico (1); Urru, Enrico (1); Ortu, Pierluigi (1); Naldi, Giovanni (1); Maccaferri, Andrea (1); Grainge, Keith (3); van Cappellen, Wim (4); Keith, Michael (3); Pantaleev, Miroslav (5); Poloni, Marco (1); Scalambra, Alessandro (1); Schiaffino, Marco (1); Monari, Jader (1); Ladu, Adelaide (1); Mattana, Andrea (1); Magro, Alessio (6); Saba, Andrea (1); Carretti, Ettore (1); Marongiu, Pasqualino (1); Zarb Adami, Kris (6); Schilliro, Francesco (1); Melis, Andrea (1); Muntoni, Giacomo (1); Concu, Raimondo (1); Cattani, Alessandro (1)
(1) INAF, ITALY; (2) University of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM; (3) University of Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM; (4) ASTRON, NETHERLANDS; (5) Onsala Space Observatory, SWEDEN; (6) University of Malta, MALTA
J04-4 Search for narrow and wideband radio emissions from the interstellar asteroid Oumuamua
Harp, G. R.; Shostak, Seth; Tarter, Jill; Richards, Jon
SETI Institute, USA; () SETI Institite, USA; () SETI Institute, USA
J04-5 Design and Test of a Toraldo Pupil Optical Module for the Medicina Radio Telescope
olmi, luca (1); Panella, Dario (2); Natale, Enzo (2); Roda, Juri (1); Cresci, Luca (2); Marongiu, Pasqualino (1); Nesti, Renzo (2); Mugnai, Daniela (3); Zacchiroli, Giampaolo (1); Carbonaro, Luca (2); Bolli, Pietro (2)
(1) INAF, ITALY; (2) Osservatorio di Arcetri, ITALY; (3) CNR, ITALY
J04-6 A Westerbork Radio Telescope for GNSS Signal In Space Monitoring
van Ardenne, Arnold (1); van der Marel, Hans (1); Bos, André (2); Kegel, Koos (1)
(1) ASTRON, NETHERLANDS; (2) Science and Technology b.v., NETHERLANDS
J04-P The simulated results of folded log-periodic antenna used for observing the Sun
Li, Sha; Chen, Zhijun
National Astronomical Observatories of China, CHINA CIE
J05-01 The Latest Results from the Focal L-Band Array for the Green Bank Telescope (FLAG), the World's Most Senstive Phased Array Feed
Pingel, Nickolas; Pisano, D.J.
West Virginia University, USA
J05-02 The HI4PI Survey
Winkel, Benjamin
Max--Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie, GERMANY
J05-03 The Hydrogen Intensity and Real-time Analysis eXperiment
Crichton, Devin
University of KwaZulu-Natal, SOUTH AFRICA
J05-04 Spaced-based Extraction of the Global 21-cm Spectrum
Rapetti, David
University of Colorado Boulder/NASA Ames Research Center, USA
J05-05 The Dawn of 21cm Cosmology with EDGES
Bowman, Judd
Arizona State University, USA
J05-06 SARAS: Radiometers with Shaped Antennas for the detection of redshifted 21-cm from Cosmic Dawn and Reionization
Subrahmanyan, Ravi; Bargur, Girish; Kamasamudram, Srivani; Narayanarao, Udayashankar; Singh, Saurabh; Ramaiah, Somashekar; Sathyanarayana Rao, Mayuri; Agaram, Raghunathan
Raman Research Institute, INDIA
J05-07 Precision measurement challenges of 21 cm Cosmology
Patra, Nipanjana
University of California at Berkeley, USA
J05-08 Cosmological HI signal extraction for HERA and SKA experiments
Stolyarov, Vladislav; Nikolic, Bojan
University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
J05-09 Foreground Mitigation and Calibration with HERA
Parsons, Aaron; Dillon, Joshua; Kern, Nicholas
University of California, Berkeley, USA
J05-10 LOFAR search for the Epoch of Reionization
Brentjens, Michiel
J06-1 Open Source Radio Telescopes: Astronomy Projects for Students, Teachers, and Amateurs
Smith, Evan (1); Prestage, Richard (2); White, Ellie (3); Langston, Glen (4)
(1) West Virginia University, USA; (2) West Virginia University, Green Bank Observatory, USA; (3) , USA; (4) National Science Foundation, USA
J06-2 LOFAR Single Station as a Training Tool for Students
Blaszkiewicz, Leszek; Krankowski, Andrzej; Hajduk, Marcin; Dabrowski, Bartosz
University of Warmia and Mazury, POLAND
J06-3 Experience with Student-Constructed Telescopes for Radio Astronomy
Langston, Glen (1); Knudson, Sophie (2); Klopf, Eve (3); Heatherly, Sue Ann (2); Prestage, Richard (4); Smith, Evan (4)
(1) National Science Foundation, USA; (2) Green Bank Observatory, USA; (3) Oregon Institute of Technology, USA; (4) West Virginia University, USA
J06-4 The Digital Signal Processing in Radio Astronomy (DSPIRA)
Bandura, Kevin; Sanghavi, Pranav; Prestage, Richard
West Virginia University, USA
J08-01 Design of Radio Astronomical Receivers for Laboratory Molecular Spectroscopic Measurements
Tercero-Martinez, Felix
Observatorio de Yebes, SPAIN
J08-02 Wideband Corrugated Horns and Orthomode Transducers for 67-116 GHz (ALMA band 2+3) and 275-500 GHz (band 7+8) Heterodyne Receivers for Radio Astronomy
Gonzalez, Alvaro
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, JAPAN
J08-03 A Real-Time Antenna Verification System
Cutajar, Denis; Zarb Adami, Kristian; Magro, Alessio; Farhat, Iman; Borg, Josef; Sammut, Charles
University of Malta, MALTA
J08-04 DARTS - Distributed Aperture Radio Telescope in Space – First Starlight Explorer
Bergman, Jan
J08-05 A Review of Front-End Receivers for the INAF Radio Telescopes
Bolli, Pietro (1); Zanichelli, Alessandra (2); Stanghellini, Carlo (2); Burgay, Marta (3); Beltran, Maite (1); Zacchiroli, Giampaolo (2); Contavalle, Corrado (2); Tingay, Steven (4); Pisanu, Tonino (3); Marongiu, Pasqualino (3); Orfei, Alessandro (2)
(1) INAF, Astrophysical Observatory of Arcetri, ITALY; (2) INAF - Istituto di Radioastronomia, ITALY; (3) INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari, ITALY; (1) INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, ITALY; (4) Curtin University, AUSTRALIA
J08-06 Radio Frequency Interference Monitoring at Sardinia Radio Telescope
Serra, Giampaolo; Bolli, Pietro; Gaudiomonte, Francesco
J08-07 Quantization and Mutual Coupling Effects on Beamforming in Dense Phased Arrays
Wilke, Cornelis
Stellenbosch University, SOUTH AFRICA
J08-P Architecture of Highly Integrated Cryogenic Active Planar OrthoMode Transducer for the 3-mm Band
Valente, Giuseppe (1); Thome, Fabian (2); Serres, Patrice (3); Schaefer, Frank (4); Navarrini, Alessandro (5)
(1) Italian Space Agency, ITALY; (2) Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics IAF, GERMANY; (3) IRAM , FRANCE; (4) Max-Planck-Institut f. Radioastronomie, GERMANY; (5) INAF , ITALY
J09-01 The First Observations of Type I and III Radio Bursts with LOFAR Station in Baldy
Dabrowski, Bartosz (1); Morosan, Diana (2); Zucca, Pietro (3); FroD, Adam (1); Blaszkiewicz, Leszek (1); Krankowski, Andrzej (1); Magdalenic, Jasmina (4); Mann, Gottfried (5); Sniadkowska, Karolina (1); Sidorowicz, Tomasz (1); Kotulak, Kacper (1); Fallows, Richard (3); Hajduk, Marcin (1); Vocks, Christian (5)
(1) University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, POLAND; (2) TCD, IRELAND; (3) ASTRON , NETHERLANDS; (4) OMA, BELGIUM; (5) AIP, GERMANY; (3) ASTRON, NETHERLANDS
J09-02 Radio Continuum Spectra of Planetary Nebulae
Hajduk, Marcin; Dabrowski, Bartosz; Sniadkowska, Karolina; Kotulak, Kacper; Frod, Adam; Blaszkiewicz, Leszek; Krankowski, Andrzej
University of Warmia and Mazury, POLAND
J09-03 Mitigation of Non-Narrowband Radio Frequency Interference
Steeb, Jan-Willem (1); Wijnholds, Stefan (2); Davidson, David (3)
(1) Stellenbosch University, SOUTH AFRICA; (2) ASTRON, NETHERLANDS; (3) Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy (CIRA), AUSTRALIA
J09-04 A prototype of MUSER-I Correlator upgrade
Liu, Fei; Wang, Wei; Yan, Yihua
Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA CIE
J09-05 cm-wave observations of cluster mergers: hints of SZ effect structures
Malu, Siddharth; Sandhu, Pritpal; Datta, Abhirup
J09-P On the observational properties of the decameter striae
Shevchuk, Mykola (1); Melnik, Valentin (1); Magdalenic, Jasmina (2); Poedts, Stefaan (3); Dorovskyy, Vladimir (1); Konovalenko, Alexandr (1)
(1) Institute of Radio Astronomy, UKRAINE; (2) ROB, BELGIUM; (3) KU Leuven, BELGIUM
K02-01 Power density estimation using back-projection technique for compliance assessment of wireless communication technologies operating above 6 GHz
Sasaki, Kensuke (1); Li, Kun (1); Iyama, Takahiro (2); Chakarothai, Jerdvisanop (1); Watanabe, Soichi (1); Onishi, Teruo (2)
(1) NICT, JAPAN; (2) NTT Docomo, JAPAN
K02-02 Surrogate global EMF exposure model induced by 4G cellular networks
Huang, Yuanyuan (1); Gloaguen, Catherine (2); wiart, joe (1); Martins, Philippe (1)
(1) Télécom ParisTech, FRANCE; (2) Orange Labs, FRANCE
K02-03 Stochastic Exposure assessment to 4G LTE femtocell in indoor environments
Chiaramello, Emma (1); Bonato, Marta (1); Parazzini, Marta (1); Fiocchi, Serena (1); Ravazzani, Paolo (1); wiart, joe (2)
(1) CNR, ITALY; (2) University Paris Saclay, FRANCE
K02-04 Random processes metamodeling applied to dosimetry
AZZI, Soumaya
Télécom ParisTech , FRANCE
K02-05 A Dual-Band Wearable Exposure Meter for Personal RF Exposure Assessment in Indoor Environments: On-body Calibration in a Reverberation Chamber
Aminzadeh, Reza (1); Joseph, Wout (1); Rogier, Hendrik (1); Van Torre, Patrick (1); Thielens, Arno (1); Van den Bossche, Matthias (1); Agneessens, Sam (1); Gaillot, Davy Paul (2); Roosli, Martin (3); Martens, Luc (1); Lienard, Martine (2)
(1) Ghent University, BELGIUM; (2) University of Lille, FRANCE; (3) University of Basel, SWITZERLAND
K02-06 Design of Safe Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicles
Hamnerius, Yngve (1); Winges, Johan (1); Rylander, Thomas (1); Ekman, Christian (2); Nilsson, Tomas (3); Petersson, Carl (2)
(1) Chalmers University of Technology, SWEDEN; (2) QRTECH, SWEDEN; (3) Torptronics Engineering AB, SWEDEN
K02-07 Measurement of the SAR Value Distribution in an Electromagnetic Reverberation Chamber
Fichte, Lars Ole (1); Hollan, Robert (1); KASMI, Chaouki (2); Stiemer, Marcus (1)
(1) Helmut Schmidt University, GERMANY; (2) Dark Matter, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
K02-P1 Electromagnetic Field Exposure Assessment for X-band High Radiated Radar
Kwon, DukSoo; Jeon, Sangbong; Choi, Hyung-Do
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, SOUTH KOREA
K02-P2 SAR Calculation in Human Fetuses in the Second and Third Trimester of Pregnancy during MRI
Nagaoka, Tomoaki
K03-1 Radiophysical Methods for Biomedical Applications: Challenges and Problems
Gulyaev, Yury
K03-2 Investigation of Activation Mechanism for Nanostructured Liposomal Capsules by Ultrashort Electric Pulses for Targeted Drug Delivery Problems
Pavlyukova, Elena
Kotelnikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics RAS, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
K03-3 From Doppler to FMCW Radars for Non-Contact Vital-Sign Monitoring
Munoz-Ferreras, Jose-Maria (1); Li, Changzhi (2); Wang, Jing (2); Peng, Zhengyu (2); Gomez-Garcia, Roberto (1)
(1) Univ. of Alcala, SPAIN; (2) Texas Tech University, USA
Chobineh, Amirreza
Chair C2M, Telecom Paristech, FRANCE
K03-5 Textile-Based Flexible Electronics for Wearable Applications: from Antennas and Batteries
Kiourti, Asimina
The Ohio State University, USA
K03-6 Evaluation of Doppler Signal Analysis Algorithms for Heart Rate Estimation
Russo, Paola
K03-6 Molecular dynamics simulation study of intense electric field effect on tubulin
Cifra, Michal (1); Liberti, Micaela (2); Tuszynski, Jack (3); Grosso, Agnese (4); Ayoub, Ahmed T. (5); Marracino, Paolo (2); Havelka, Daniel (6); Prusa, Jiri (6); Apollonio, Francesca (4)
(1) Czech Academy of Sciences, CZECH REPUBLIC; (2) University Sapienza of Rome, ITALY; (3) University of Alberta, CANADA; (4) DIET, Sapienza University of Rome, ITALY; (5) Heliopolis University, EGYPT; (6) Czech Academy of Sciences, CZECH REPUBLIC
K03-7 Pyroelectricity as a possible mechanism for cell membrane permeabilization
Mir, Lluis; Muscat, Adeline; Leray, Isabelle; Garcia Sanchez, Tomas
K03-8 Bluetooth Enabled Fall Monitoring and Activity Detection with Ultrasound
Frey, Kim
University of Colorado Boulder, USA
S-A01-1 Costs and Time Constants Determined by Clock Steering Strategies
Matsakis, Demetrios
US Naval Observatory, USA
S-A01-2 Is frequency transfer uncertainty limiting the comparison of atomic fountains?
Petit, Gérard; Leute, Julia
S-A01-3 Waveguide Microcalorimetry Status at NMIs
Shoaib, Nosherwan; Akhtar, M. Hammad
S-A01-P Pulse generator calibration for the dissemination of pulse standards
Lee, Joo-Gwang; Cho, Chihyun
S-A03-1 Analytical Discernment of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency from Autler-Townes Splitting for Atom Based E-field Sensing
Dubey, Satyakesh
CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, INDIA
S-A03-2 Linking the International System of Units to Fundamental Constants (Invited)
Ullrich, Joachim
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), GERMANY
S-A03-3 The SI second: present realization and path to a redefinition (Invited)
Petit, Gérard
S-A04-1 Relevance of GNSS Simulation Performance for Emergency Call Testing Applications
Cruz, Pedro; Correia, André; Leite, Fernando; Torres, Pedro
S-A04-2 Design Considerations for a Wearable Anti-Jam GPS Antenna
Keller, Steven (1); Morley, John (1); Maloney, Jeffrey (2); Janaswamy, Ramakrishna (2); Weiss, Steven J. (3); Kwon, Do-Hoon (2)
(1) US Army Research Laboratory, USA; (2) University of Massachusetts, USA; (3) Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, USA
S-A05-1 Measurement of time-based arrays for massive tags localization
Masotti, Diego; Costanzo, A.
University of Bologna, ITALY
S-A05-2 An Evaluation of Distortion and Interference Sources originating Within a Millimeter-wave MIMO Testbed for 5G Communications
Loh, Tian (1); Cheadle, David (1); Humphreys, David (1); Buisman, Koen (2)
(1) NPL, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) Chalmers University of Technology, SWEDEN
S-A05-3 Millimeter-Wave Over-the-Air Signal-to-Interference-plus-Noise-Ratio Measurements Using a MIMO Testbed
Buisman, Koen (1); Eriksson, Thomas (1); Cheadle, David (2); Loh, Tian (2); Humphreys, David (2)
(1) Chalmers University of Technology, SWEDEN; (2) NPL, UNITED KINGDOM
S-A05-4 MIMO System Characterization for 5G Applications
Jordao, Marina; Carvalho, Nuno
IT-Universidade de Aveiro, PORTUGAL
S-A05-5 Diode-based Rectenna for Microwave Ovens
Duarte Rosa, Goncalo; Carvalho, Nuno
IT-Universidade de Aveiro, PORTUGAL
S-A07-2 Overview of Protocol Processing and Radio Signals Transport Challenges in a Cloud Based Testing System for Automotive Infotainment Applications
Jordao, Marina (1); Leite, Fernando (2); Oliveira, Arnaldo (1); Amaral, Joao (1); Pereira, Carla (2)
(1) Instituto de Telecomunicacaoes, PORTUGAL; (2) CONTROLAR Lda, PORTUGAL
S-A07-3 Negative Refraction from Metamaterial Unit Cells Predicted from the Standpoint of Array Theory
Weiss, Steven J. (1); Talalai, Gregory (2); Garner, Timothy (2)
(1) Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, USA; (2) The Pennsylvania State University, USA
S-A07-P1 Fast Reconstruction Method of Reflector Antenna Panel Temperature Field Based on Structural Thermal Analogy
Li, Haihua (1); Wang, Hao (1); Jiang, Chao (2); Wang, Congsi (1); Wang, Meng (3); Xu, Qian (4); Gao, Wei (5); Ying, Kang (1); Xiang, Binbin (4); Wang, Zhihai (6)
(1) Xidian University, CHINA CIE; (2) Hunan University, CHINA CIE; (3) Research Institute of Shaanxi Huanghe Group Co., CHINA CIE; (4) Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA CIE; (5) University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA; (6) CETC , CHINA CIE
S-A07-P2 A Reconstruction Method of Large Shaped Reflective Surface Antenna Based on Zernike Polynomials and Least Squares Method
Wang, Hao; Wang, Congsi
Xidian University, CHINA CIE
S-A07-P3 Log-periodic Circular Tooth Antenna Enhancing Terahertz Absorption for Graphene Detector
Han, Qi
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, CHINA CIE
S-A07-P5 Beam Pointing Deviation Calculation Method for Large Antennas at Any Position Based on Track Roughness
Li, Haihua (1); Jiang, Chao (1); Wang, Hao (1); Wang, Meng (2); Gao, Wei (3); Xiang, Binbin (4); Wang, Zhihai (5); Wang, Congsi (1); Ying, Kang (1); Xu, Qian (4)
(1) Xidian University, CHINA CIE; (1) Xidian University, , CHINA CIE; (2) Research Institute of Shaanxi Huanghe Group Co, CHINA CIE; (3) University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA; (4) Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA CIE; (5) CETC , CHINA CIE; (1) Xidian University, CHINA CIE
S-A07-P6 Towards Experimental Verification of Permeability Upgrading Using Metamaterial Inserts
Zaghloul, Amir I. (1), Nguyen, Quang (1); Anthony, Theodore K. (1); Weiss, Steven J. (2); Adler, Eric D. (1)
(1) United States Army Research Laboratory, USA; (2) Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, USA
S-A11-1 An Improved Web Page for Electromagnetic Metrology Training Resources
Matsakis, Demetrios
US Naval Observatory, USA
S-A11-2 Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Programme at the BIPM
Arias, Felicitas (1); Kuanbayev, Chingis (2); Petit, Gérard (2)
(1) PSL research university, CNRS, FRANCE; (2) BIPM, FRANCE
S-AC-P1 Channel Estimation Algorithms and Their Impact on Wideband Millimeter Wave Channel Characteristics
Fan, Wei; Ji, Yilin; Pedersen, Gert; Zhang, Fengchun
Aalborg University, DENMARK
S-AC-P2 The reliability of Phase Locked Loops during superior solar conjunctions
Siddle, David (1); Mercolino, Mattia (2); Warrington, Michael (1); Paolini, Enrico (3); Zeqaj, Aurel (3); Abello, Ricard (2); Giorgetti, Andrea (4); Stocker, Alan (1); De Vicente, Javier (2); Tortora, Paolo (4); Argyriou, Antonios (5)
(1) University of Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) European Space Agency, FRANCE; (3) University of Bologna, ITALY; (5) University of Thessaly, GREECE
S-AC-P3 Ray-tracing Assisted 3GPP Stochastic Channel Modeling for High-speed Railway Rural Scenario
He, Danping (1); Zhong, Zhangdui (1); Tian, Li (2); Guan, Ke (1); Dou, Jianwu (2); Ai, Bo (1)
(1) Beijing Jiaotong University, CHINA CIE; (2) ZTE Corporation, CHINA CIE
S-AE-1 Approximate Close-form Solution of Root-mean-square Delay Spread in Reverberation Chamber
Guo, Xiaotao; Wang, Lifeng; Zhang, Zilong; He, Zhao; Zhang, Yichi; Nie, Meining
National Institute of Metrology, CHINA CIE
S-AE-2 Evaluation of the Electric Field Amplitude in a MSRC From Power Measurement with a monopole
Baranowski, Sylvie (1); Ibrahim, Abdourachid (2); kone, lamine (1)
(1) University Of Lille , FRANCE; (2) University Of Djibouti, REPUBLIC OF DJIBOUTI; (1) University of Lille, FRANCE
S-B01-01 Evaluation of Time Domain Physical Optics Integral on Curved Surfaces (Invited)
Ulku, Huseyin Arda (1); Serim, Huseyin Avni (2); Aktepe, Aslihan (1)
(1) Gebze Technical University, TURKEY; (2) TUBITAK, TURKEY
S-B01-02 Fast Direct Method of Moments Solution of Surface-Volume-Surface Integral Equation with H-Matrices (Invited)
Okhmatovski, Vladimir (1); Sheikh Hosseini Lori, Farhad (1); Gholami, Reza (1); Menshov, Anton (2); Mojolagbe, Jamiu (1)
(1) University of Manitoba, CANADA; (2) University of Texas at Austin, CANADA
S-B01-03 Development of Numerical Techniques for Forward and Inverse Waveguide Scattering Problems (Invited)
Shestopalov, Yury
University of Gavle, Sweden, 46706382801
S-B01-04 Surface Integral Equation Formulation for Characteristic Modes of Lossy Dielectric Objects (Invited)
Wallen, Henrik; Tzarouchis, Dimitrios; Yla-Oijala, Pasi; Sihvola, Ari
Aalto University, FINLAND
S-B01-05 An Investigation on the High-portability Software Framework for Implementing Large-scale FDTD Simulation with Many-core Processor Systems (Invited)
Suzuki, Yukihisa; Imai, Ryo; Okubo, Kan
Tokyo Metropolitan University, JAPAN
S-B01-06 Study on a Fast Solver for Poisson's Equation Based On Deep Learning Technique (Invited)
shan, tao; Yang, Fan; Dang, Xunwang; Li, Maokun; Xu, Shenheng; Wu, Ji
Tsinghua University, CHINA CIE
S-B01-07 Proposal of Novel Reflection/transmission Coefficient for Efficient Propagation Analysis at Outdoor-indoor Interface Environment (Invited)
Sato, Ryoichi (1); Takatori, Aki (1); Shirai, Hiroshi (2)
(1) Niigata University, JAPAN; (2) Chuo University, JAPAN
S-B01-08 Asymptotic Analysis for Transient Scattered Electric Field from a Conducting Cylinder Coated with a Thin Dielectric Layer (Invited)
Goto, Keiji; Manabe, Ryotaro; Egashira, Yoshimitsu; Takahashi, Ryo
National Defense Academy, JAPAN
S-B01-09 Efficient Near-Field Analysis Based on Finite-Difference Scheme and Fast Inverse Laplace Transform (Invited)
Ohnuki, Shinichiro (1); Wu, Di (1); Yamaguchi, Takashi (2)
(1) Nihon University, JAPAN; (2) Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, JAPAN
S-B01-10 Analysis of Pulse Responses from Conducting Strips with Air Layer in Dispersion Media (Invited)
Yamasaki, Tsuneki; Ozaki, Ryosuke
Nihon University, JAPAN
S-B01-11 Recent Progress in the Mixed Spectral Element Method for Computational Electromagnetics (Invited)
Liu, Jie (1); Hou, Xuanying (1); Zhou, Yuanguo (1); Liu, Na (1); Liu, Qing Huo (2)
(1) Institute of Electromagnetics and Acoustics, and Department of Electronic Science, University of Xiamen,China; (2) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University, USA
S-B02-01 Metamaterial-inspired Electrically Small Platforms: Enhanced Directivity Properties (Invited)
Ziolkowski, Richard
University of Technology Sydney, AUSTRALIA
S-B02-02 Impact of Ground Plane Reduction in Antennas for Compact Terminals (Invited)
Lizzi, Leonardo; ferrero, fabien
University Cote d'Azur, FRANCE
S-B02-03 Convex optimisation method for matching filters synthesis. (Invited)
Martinez Martinez, David; Seyfert, Fabien; BOSE, Gibin; Olivi, Martine
S-B02-04 A stable representation of the transmittance between identical aperture antennas (Invited)
Gueuning, Quentin; Craeye, Christophe; Oestges, Claude
Université Catholique de Louvain, BELGIUM; () Universite Catholique de Louvain, BELGIUM; () Université Catholique de Louvain, BELGIUM
S-B02-05 Optimal Positioning of an Embedded Inverted-F Antenna (Invited)
Ferrero, Fabien (1); Jonsson, B. L. G. (2); Wang, Lei (2)
(1) Université Cote d'Azur, FRANCE; (2) KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SWEDEN
S-B02-06 Coupling element strategy for future boarderless smartphone (Invited)
Ferrero, Fabien; NGuyen, Khai; Lizzi, Leonardo
Université Cote d'Azur, FRANCE
S-B02-07 On Q-factors for thin periodic antenna and scatterer arrays (Invited)
Ludvig-Osipov, Andrei; Jonsson, B. L. G.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SWEDEN
S-B02-08 Shape Optimization Methods for the Design of Microwave Circuits and Antennas (Invited)
Bila, Stéphane
XLIM UMR 7252 Université de Limoges/CNRS, FRANCE
S-B02-09 Miniaturization and Optimization of Multiband Antenna Arrays By Co-Design (Invited)
Bila, Stéphane
Université de Limoges/CNRS, FRANCE
S-B02-10 Using Convex Optimization to Compensate for Radome Effects in Monopulse Arrays (Invited)
Frid, Henrik; Jonsson, B. L. G.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SWEDEN
S-B02-11 An overview of stored-energy based methods to estimate the best bandwidth for electrically small antennas (Invited)
Jonsson, B. L. G.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SWEDEN
S-B02-12 Network Characteristic Modes Optimisation for Wideband and Superdirective Small Antennas (Invited)
jaafar, hussein; Collardey, Sylvain; Sharaiha, Ala
S-B02-12 Endfire mode synthesis using convex optimization for very large array antennas (Invited)
Sjoberg, Daniel
Lund University, SWEDEN
S-B02-13 Multi-Scale Simulation Tools For VLF Antennas (Invited)
Saintier, David; Dubard, Jean-Lou; Makhlouf, Oualid; Cueille, Marylène
S-B02-14 Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of a Broadband Microstrip Array Antenna System for a 6U CubeSat X-Band Sensor (Invited)
Breinbjerg, Olav; Jama, Stanislaw
Technical University of Denmark, DENMARK
S-B03-1 Integral representation for two-frequency coherence function of ionospheric radio signal (Invited)
Tinin, Mikhail
Irkutsk State University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-B03-2 Overview of possibilities of spatial signal processing in an inhomogeneous medium based on integral representation of wave field as double weighted Fourier transform (DWFT)
Tinin, Mikhail
Irkutsk State University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-B03-3 A Comparative Analysis of Strong Scintillation I: Configuration-Space Simulations (Invited)
Rino, Charles (1); Carrano, Charles (1); Germ, Vadim (2); Zernov, Nikolay (2)
(1) Institute for Scientific Research, Boston College, USA; (2) University of St. Petersburg, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-B03-4 A Comparative Analysis of Strong Scintillation II: Calculations of Transionospheric High Frequency Wave Propagation (Invited)
Gherm, Vadim (1); Zernov, Nikolay (2); Rino, Charles (3)
(1) St. Petersburg State University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) University of St. Petersburg, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (3) Institute for Scientific Research, Boston College, USA
S-B03-5 Multifractal Phase Screen Model for Scintillation of Transionospheric Signals
Makarenkova, Ekaterina (1); Germ, Vadim (2)
(1) Saint Petersburg State University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) University of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-B03-6 Gaussian Beams in Orthogonal Full Ray Trajectory Coordinates
Gherm, Vadim (1); Zernov, Nikolay (2)
(1) St. Petersburg State University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) University of St. Petersburg, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-B03-P Identification of Low and High Ionospheric Rays by a Direct Variational Method
Klimenko, Maxim (1); Bessarab, Pavel (2); Nosikov, Igor (3)
(1) West Department of Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) Science Institute of the University of Iceland, ICELAND; (3) Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-B04-1 Acoustic Imaging for Human Thorax Using Contrast Source Inversion
Song, Xiaoqian; Yang, Fan; Li, Maokun; Xu, Shenheng
Tsinghua University, CHINA CIE
S-B04-2 Nonlinear Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering Using DeepNIS
Li, Lianlin
Beijing University, CHINA CIE
S-B04-3 Dual-frequency Motion Compensation for SISAR Imaging in Forward Scatter Radar
Liu, Changjiang; Liu, Feifeng; Wang, Rui; Hu, Cheng
Beijing Institute of Technology, CHINA CIE
S-B04-4 A Non-Iterative Eigenfunction-Based 3D Inverse Solver for Microwave Imaging
Abdollahi, Nasim; LoVetri, Joe; Jeffrey, Ian
University of Manitoba, CANADA
S-B04-5 An Electric and Magnetic Field Transceiver Configuration Study for a Biomedical Microwave Imaging System
Jeffrey, Ian; Brown, Kevin; Asefi, Mohammad; Geddert, Nicholas; LoVetri, Joe
University of Manitoba, CANADA
S-B04-6 Comparison between Conjugate Gradient and Landweber Based Regularization Approaches in Lp Banach Spaces for Microwave Tomography
Randazzo, Andrea; Estatico, Claudio; Pastorino, Matteo; Fedeli, Alessandro
University of Genoa - DITEN, ITALY; () University of Genoa - DIMA, ITALY; () University of Genoa - DITEN, ITALY
S-B04-7 Low-Profile and Dual-polarized Microstrip Antennas
Li, Yue; He, Yijing; Sun, Wangyu
Tsinghua University, CHINA CIE
S-B04-8 High-Efficiency Broadband Polarization-Independent Superscatterer Using Conformal Metasurfaces
Xu, He-Xiu
National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE
S-B06-01 Determination of the Conductor Loss in Microstrip Reflectarrays Using the Impedance Boundary Condition (Invited)
Rengarajan, Sembiam
California State University, USA
S-B06-02 Asymptotic Analysis for Transient Scattered Magnetic Field from a Conducting Cylinder Coated with a Thin Dielectric Layer (Invited)
Goto, Keiji; Manabe, Ryotaro; Egashira, Yoshimitsu; Takahashi, Ryo
National Defense Academy, JAPAN
S-B06-03 On Recent Findings in the Theory of Complex Waves in Open Metal-Dielectric Waveguides (Invited)
University of Govle, Sweden, SWEDEN
S-B06-04 Near-Field Absorption and Measurement Using a Metasurface Structure (Invited)
Yagitani, Satoshi; Tsubota, Takuya; Imachi, Tomohiko; Tonooka, Naoki; Ozaki, Mitsunori
Kanazawa University, JAPAN
S-B06-05 Effects of Radiative and Collisional Energy Loss on the Scattering Properties of a Magnetized Plasma Cylinder at the Plasmon Resonances (Invited)
Kudrin, Alexander; Ivoninsky, Alexander; Es'kin, Vasiliy
University of Nizhny Novgorod, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-B06-06 The G Numbers and Their Application to the Theory of Waveguides (Invited)
Georgieva, Mariana; Georgiev, Georgi Nikolov
Consulting and Researcher in Physics and Computer Sciences, BULGARIA
S-B06-07 Analysis of Substrate Integrated Waveguides and Waveguide Based Passive Circuits (Invited)
Jandieri, Vakhtang; Erni, Daniel
University of Duisburg-Essen, GERMANY
S-B06-08 Modeling of electromagnetically functional surfaces and extraction of physical bounds, using Herglotz functions and convex optimization (Invited)
Sjoberg, Daniel
Lund University, SWEDEN
S-B06-09 Recent Advances in the Theory and Applications of the Surface-Volume-Surface Electric Field Integral Equation (Invited)
Okhmatovski, Vladimir; Mojolagbe, Jamiu; Gholami, Reza; Chen, Zhuotong; Zheng, Shucheng
University of Manitoba, CANADA
S-B06-10 Dynamic Feature Extraction Using Reprogrammable Coding Metasurface (Invited)
Li, Lianlin
Beijing University, CHINA CIE
S-B06-11 Electromagnetic inertia of the waveguide modes (Invited)
Erden, Fatih (1); Tretyakov, Oleg A. (2)
(1) National Defense University, TURKEY; (2) Gebze Technical University, TURKEY
S-B06-12 Microwave Imaging Method Developed in Lebesgue Spaces for Inspecting Dielectric Targets (Invited)
Randazzo, Andrea (1); Estatico, Claudio (2); Pastorino, Matteo (1); Fedeli, Alessandro (1)
(1) University of Genoa - DITEN, ITALY; (2) University of Genoa - DIMA, ITALY
S-B06-13 Physical conditions for full control of transmission through non-reflecting metasurfaces (Invited)
Tretyakov, Sergei (1); Diaz-Rubio, Ana (1); Kwon, Do-Hoon (2); Ptitsyn, Grigorii (1)
(1) Aalto University, FINLAND; (2) University of Massachusetts - Amherst, USA
S-B06-14 Plane Wave Diffraction by a Thin Material Strip (Invited)
Nagasaka, Takashi; Kobayashi, Kazuya
Chuo University, JAPAN
S-B06-15 Diffraction by Two PEC Inverted Staggered Half Planes (Invited)
lombardi, guido; Daniele, Vito; Zich, Rodolfo S.
Politecnico di Torino-DET, ITALY
S-B06-16 Innovating SI Units in Maxwells Equations. Evolutionary Approach to Electrodynamics as an Alternative to the Time-Harmonic Field Concept (Invited)
Tretyakov, Oleg A.
Gebze Technical University, TURKEY
S-B06-17 Sculping the Cutoff and Evanescent Wave in Waveguide (Invited)
Li, Yue
Tsinghua University, CHINA CIE
S-B06-18 Mie Scattering and Characteristic Modes of Lossy Dielectric Objects (Invited)
Wallen, Henrik; Tzarouchis, Dimitrios; Sihvola, Ari; Yla-Oijala, Pasi
Aalto University, FINLAND
S-B06-19 Precise Time-Domain Electromagnetic Responses Using Fast Inverse Laplace Transform (Invited)
Ohnuki, S.; Masuda, S.; Endo, M.; Ohnishi, R.
Nihon University, Tokyo, JAPAN
S-B08-1 Dipole-Scattering by Spherical Media and Related Optimization Problems
Tsitsas, Nikolaos; Prokopiou, Prokopios; Tsitsoglou, Zoi
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE
S-B08-2 Brain Stroke Imaging by Means of Microwave Tomography: Quantitative Inversion Procedure, Configuration Set Up, and Preliminary Experimental Results
Randazzo, Andrea (1); Lavagetto, Fabio (1); Mancardi, Gianluigi (2); Fedeli, Alessandro (1); Bisio, Igor (1); Pastorino, Matteo (1); Sciarrone, Andrea (1)
(1) University of Genoa - DITEN, ITALY; (2) University of Genoa - DINOGMI, ITALY
S-B08-3 Physical Interpretation of the Orthogonality Sampling Method
Bevacqua, Martina T. (1); Crocco, Lorenzo (2); Isernia, Tommaso (3); Palmeri, Roberta (3)
(1) Universita degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, DIIES, ITALY; (2) National Research Council of Italy, IREA, ITALY; (3) Universita Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, DIIES, ITALY
S-B08-4 Electromagnetic Scattering, Guidance and Radiation in Cylindrical Periodic and Bandgap Structures
Jandieri, Vakhtang; Erni, Daniel
University of Duisburg-Essen, GERMANY
S-B08-5 The Cylindrical Wave Approach and its application to radar problems
Ponti, Cristina; Schettini, Giuseppe
Roma Tre University, ITALY
S-B09-1 Cyclostationary Source Separation in the Near-Field of Electronic Devices
Russer, Johannes (1); Kuznetsov, Yury (2); Gorbunova, Anastasia (2); Konovaluk, Maxim (2); Haider, Michael (1); Baev, Andrey (2)
(1) Technical University of Munich, GERMANY; (2) Moscow Aviation Institute , RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-B09-3 A phase-space approach to the propagation of stochastic fields: from EMC to holography and wireless communications
Madenoor Ramapriya, Deepthee; Gradoni, Gabriele; Thomas, David W.P.; Baharuddin, Mohd Hafiz; Smartt, Christopher; Tanner, Gregor; Creagh, Stephen; Nasser, Hayan
The University of Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
S-B09-4 Near-Field MIMO System Assessment
Haider, Michael (1); Corrales, Pablo (2); Bajon, Damienne (2); Wane, Sidina (3); Russer, Johannes (1)
(1) Technical University of Munich, GERMANY; (2) ISAE, FRANCE; (3) IEEE, FRANCE
S-B09-5 Stochastics Electromagnetic Field Propagation in Multiport Devices based on Transmission Line Segment Circuits and Wave Digital Networks
Stosic, Biljana
University of Nis, SERBIA
S-B09-6 1D Localization of Mobile Stochastic EM Sources with Variable Radiated Power using Two-Stage Neural Model
Stankovic, Zoran (1); Doncov, Nebojsa (1); Stosic, Biljana (1); Milovanovic, Ivan (2); Milovanovic, Bratislav (2); Russer, Johannes (3)
(1) University of NIS, SERBIA; (2) Singidunum University, SERBIA; (3) Technical University of Munich, GERMANY
S-B09-7 Computer Aided Analysis of EMI Radiated from Printed Circuit Boards
Haider, Michael; Russer, Johannes
Technical University of Munich, GERMANY
S-B09-P Co-Design of Spin-Wave Sensors with RFIC Building Blocks for Emerging Technologies
Wane, Sidina
S-BD-01 Scattering by Penetrable Obstacles in RFID communication scenarios (Invited)
Riccio, Giovanni (1); Gennarelli, Gianluca (2); Frongillo, Marcello (3)
(1) University of Salerno, ITALY; (2) IREA CNR, ITALY; (3) SIRA, ITALY
S-BD-02 Detection of UHF RFID tags in Metallic Guided Structures
Michel, Andrea (1); Nepa, Paolo (2); Rodriguez Pino, Marcos (3)
(1) University of Pisa, ITALY; (2) Dip. Ingegneria Informazione, University of Pisa, ITALY; (3) Universidad de Oviedo, SPAIN
S-BD-03 Wearable UHF RFID Sensor Tag in 3D-Printing Technology for Body Temperature Monitoring (Invited)
Colella, Riccardo; Catarinucci, Luca
University of Salento, ITALY
S-BD-04 [ScattererID], Beyond Standard IDentification Solutions (Invited)
Perret, Etienne
Université Grenoble Alpes, FRANCE
S-BD-05 Implantable Sensors and Antennas for Wireless Brain Care (Invited)
Ma, Shubin; Sydanheimo, Lauri; Bjorninen, Toni; Khan, M. Waqas A.; Ukkonen, Leena
Tampere University of Technology, FINLAND
S-BD-06 A Quarter Mode SIW Antenna for Short Range Wireless Communications (Invited)
Casula, Giovanni Andrea
Universita di Cagliari , ITALY
S-BD-07 Hand-held radar for people tracking in indoor scenarios (Invited)
Masotti, Diego; Costanzo, A.; Paolini, Giacomo
University of Bologna, ITALY
S-BD-08 A Design Rule to Reduce the Human Body Effect on Antennas for Short Range NF-UHF RFID Systems (Invited)
Casula, Giovanni Andrea
Universita di Cagliari -Dip. di Ing. Elettrica ed Elettronica, ITALY
S-BD-09 EM Study of Novel UHF RFID Application: Along-the-Metal Short Range Communication (Invited)
Andrenko, Andrey
S-BD-10 UHF Near-Field Wireless Power Transfer, Application To RFID System (Invited)
RAKOTOMALALA, Imbolatiana; Tedjini, Smail; Lemaitre-Auger, Pierre
Université Grenoble Alpes - LCIS, FRANCE
S-BD-11 Chipless RFID Threshold Temperature Sensor Compliant with UHF and ISM Radio Frequency
el matbouly, hatem (1); Duroc, Yvan (2); Zannas, Konstantinos (1); TEDJINI, SMAIL (3)
(1) Université Grenoble-Alpes, FRANCE; (2) University of Lyon, UCBL, FRANCE; (3) LCIS, FRANCE
S-CB1-1 Multi-User Phase Noises on Uplink MIMO-OFDM Systems
Chen, Xiaoming (1); Svensson, Tommy (2); Wolfgang, Andreas (3)
(1) Xi'an Jiaotong University, CHINA CIE; (2) Chalmers University of Technology, SWEDEN; (3) Qamcom Research & Technology AB, SWEDEN
S-CB1-2 Performance Evaluation of Space-Time Block Code With Constellation Rearrangement
Reddy, CH Santosh; Tripathy, Aruna
College of Engineering and Technology, INDIA
S-CB1-3 Dumbbell-shaped asymmetric DGS-based dual band 3*3 MIMO for WLAN-WiMAX applications
Majumdar, Payal (1); JI, Chunlin (2); Zhao, Zhiya (2); Liu, Ruopeng (2)
(1) CONLEY ROSE P.C., USA; (2) Kuan-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology, COLOMBIA
S-CF1-P1 A Multi-Link Extension of Channel Sounding System using Software Defined Radio
Zhang, Bei (1); Zhong, Zhangdui (1); He, Ruisi (1); Yang, Mi (1); Fei, Dan (1); Yu, Beiming (2)
(1) Beijing Jiaotong University, CHINA CIE; (2) Communication section of Beijing Railway Bureau, CHINA CIE
S-CF1-P2 A Tracking-Based Multipath Components Clustering Algorithm
Zheng, Qingbi; He, Ruisi; Huang, Chen
Beijing Jiaotong University, CHINA CIE
S-CF2-1 Integrated Simulation Environments for Vehicular Communications in Cooperative Road Transportation Systems
Valentini, Francesco; Chiocchio, Sandro; Cinque, Elena; Persia, Arianna; Santucci, Fortunato; Pratesi, Marco
University of L'Aquila, ITALY
S-CF2-2 Performance Evaluation of Cooperative Communications over Fading Channels in Vehicular Networks
Stefanovic, Caslav (1); Santucci, Fortunato (2); Pratesi, Marco (2)
(1) University of Pristina, SERBIA; (2) University of L'Aquila, ITALY
S-CF2-P1 A new approach of V2X communications for Long Range Applications in UAVs
Godoy, J.A.;Cabrera F.;Araña, V.;Sánchez, D.; Alonso, I.; Molina, N.
S-CF2-P2 A wireless method for drone identification and monitoring using AIS technology
Molina N.; Cabrera F.; Tichavska M.; Araña V., Dorta B.P.; Godoy J.A.
S-D01-1 Air-Filled Substrate-Integrated-Waveguide Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna with Optical Feeding
Caytan, Olivier; Torfs, Guy; Bogaert, Laurens; Vande Ginste, Dries; Demeester, Piet; Lemey, Sam; Bauwelinck, Johan; Rogier, Hendrik
Ghent University, BELGIUM
S-D01-2 Photonics for high-frequency ultra-wideband and frequency-agile RF transmitters
Bogoni, Antonella (1); Ghelfi, Paolo (2); Onori, Daniel (2); Scotti, Filippo (2); Amato, Francesco (3); Falconi, Fabio (2); Serafino, Giovanni (3)
(1) CNIT/Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, ITALY; (2) CNIT, ITALY; (3) Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, ITALY
S-D01-3 Heterogeneous Silicon Photonic Devices for Wireless Communication Systems
Van Gasse, Kasper
Ghent University, BELGIUM
S-D01-4 Tunable Brillouin Opto-Electronic Oscillator based on double fiber loop mirror
Mossa, Mohamed (1); Afifi, Abdelrahman (2); Abouelatta, Mohamed (2); Hassan, Kamel (1)
(1) Future University in Egypt, EGYPT; (2) Ain Shams University, EGYPT
S-D01-5 Optoelectronic devices for future telecommunications in the sub-terahertz and terahertz range
Lampin, Jean-Francois (1); Froberger, Kevin (2); Peytavit, Emilien (2); Billet, Maximilien (2); Ducournau, Guillaume (2); Zaknoune, Mohammed (2); Bretin, Sara (2)
S-D01-P Electro-optic probe based on integrated optical waveguide
Lee, Dong-Joon; Hong, Young-Pyo; Koo, Hyun-JI; Cho, Chihyun
S-D03-1 A 2.4 GHz Rectifier Insensitive to the Angle of Incidence of Incoming Waves (Invited)
Daskalakis, Spyridon; Goussetis, George; Georgiadis, Apostolos
Heriot-Watt University, UNITED KINGDOM
S-D03-2 Single or Distributed Inverter for Position Independent Inductive Power Transfer: Comparison of Solutions
Pacini, Alex; Costanzo, A.; Mastri, Franco
University of Bologna, ITALY
S-D03-3 Energy Harvesting for Hands-Free Operation of Soldier Equipment
Visser, Hubregt (1); Colditz, Paul (2); Pognon, Gregory (3); Conradi, Jessica (4); Bertuch, Thomas (2); Nord, Bjoern (4)
(1) Eindhoven University of Technology, NETHERLANDS; (2) Fraunhofer FHR, GERMANY; (3) Thales TRT, FRANCE; (4) Fraunhofer FKIE, GERMANY
S-D03-4 Foreign Object Detection for Wireless Power Transfer Systems
Lan, Lingxin; Kwan, Christopher; Aldhaher, Samer; Arteaga, Juan; Kkelis, George; Ting, Nicholas; Mitcheson, Paul; Yates, David
Imperial College London , UNITED KINGDOM; () Imperial College London, UNITED KINGDOM; () Imperial College London , UNITED KINGDOM
S-D03-5 Optimal Terminating Impadances for Maximizing the Gains of a Four-coil WPT Link
Monti, Giuseppina (1); Mastri, Franco (2); Tarricone, Luciano (1); Costanzo, A. (2); Corchia, Laura (1); Mongiardo, Mauro (3)
(1) University of Salento, ITALY; (2) University of Bologna, ITALY; (3) University of Perugia, ITALY
S-D03-6 Challenges for Inductive Power Transfer over wider areas
Burrow, Steve
University of Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
S-D05-01 Exotic properties of spoof surface plasmon polaritons in metamaterial crystals
Fleury, Romain
S-D05-02 All optical control of electromagnetic waves by Second Harmonic Generation
Rodrigo, Sergio G
Centro Universitario de la Defensa de Zaragoza, SPAIN
S-D05-03 Bull’s-Eye antennas and corrugated structures for radiation control at terahertz
Beruete, Miguel
Universidad Publica de Navarra, SPAIN
S-D05-04 Exceptional Points of Degeneracy in Relation to Singular and Branch Points in the Complex-Frequency Plane
Yakovlev, Alexander (1); Capolino, Filippo (2); Othman, Mohamed (2); Hanson, George W. (3)
(1) University of Mississippi, USA; (2) University of California-Irvine, USA; (3) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
S-D05-05 Directional emission from dipolar sources: the Janus source
Rodriguez-Fortuno, Francisco
King's College London, UNITED KINGDOM
S-D05-06 Magnet-free non-reciprocal photonic platform based on time-modulated graphene
Correas Serrano, Diego; Gomez Diaz, Juan Sebastian
University of California, Davis, USA
S-D05-07 Bound States in the Continuum in arbitrary anisotropic structures (Invited)
Artigas, David; Torner, Lluis; Gomis-Bresco, Jordi; Mukherjee, Samyobrata
ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences, SPAIN
S-D05-08 Shaping photon statistics with metamaterial and antenna theory
Liberal, Inigo
Public University of Navarre, SPAIN
S-D05-09 Giant Optical Forces On Nanoparticles Near Hyperbolic Metasurfaces
Gomez Diaz, Juan Sebastian; Correas Serrano, Diego; Kumar Paul, Nayan
University of California, Davis, USA
S-D05-10 New Frontiers in Plasmonics: Embedded Eigenstates and Topological Effects
Monticone, Francesco
Cornell University, USA
S-D06-01 Carrier-Envelope-Phase Sensitive Interferometric Autocorrelations by Coherent Nanotunneling
Brida, Daniele
University of Konstanz, GERMANY
S-D06-02 Controlling light to the extreme: new results and applications of the dispersion-scan technique (Invited)
Crespo, Helder
University of Porto, Faculty of Sciences, PORTUGAL
S-D06-03 Gauging pulse train instability and coherent artifacts with dispersion scan
Escoto, Esmerando (1); Steinmeyer, Gunter (1); Hofmann, Bernd (2); Gerth, Daniel (2)
(1) Max-Born-Institut, GERMANY; (2) Technische Universitat Chemnitz, GERMANY
S-D06-04 High Dynamic Third-Order Cross-Correlator for measuring >1013:1 laser contrast
Falcoz, Franck
Amplitude Laser, FRANCE
S-D06-05 Time Domain Ptychography
Feurer, Thomas
University of Bern, SWITZERLAND
S-D06-06 Complete waveform characterization of mid-infrared ultrashort pulses (Invited)
Fuji, Takao
Institute for Molecular Science, JAPAN
S-D06-07 Few cycle pulse characterization using different variants of Dispersion Scan technique
Tajalli, Ayhan (1); Romero, rosa (2); Steinmeyer, Gunter (3); Nagy, Tamas (3); Lopez-Martens, Rodrigo (4); Vernier, Aline (4); Crespo, Helder (5); Ouille, Marie (4); Csontos, Janos (6); Boehle, Frederik (4); Morgner, Uwe (7); Escoto, Esmerando (3)
(1) University of Hannover, GERMANY; (2) Sphere Photonics, PORTUGAL; (3) Max-Born-Institut, GERMANY; (4) Ensta ParisTech, FRANCE; (5) University of Porto, PORTUGAL; (6) ELI-ALPS, HUNGARY; (7) University of Hannover, GERMANY
S-D06-08 Optimized ancillae generation for ultra-broadband two-dimensional spectral shearing interferometry
Manzoni, Cristian
IFN-CNR (National Research Council), ITALY
S-D06-09 Analytical Reconstruction of Two Different Pulses from Non-Interferometric Double Spectrograms Alone
Seifert, Birger
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, CHILE
S-D06-10 Spatio-temporal characterization of high-power few-cycle pulses by SEA-F-SPIDER and time-domain ptychography.
Witting, Tobias; Vrakking, Marc; Furch, Fedrico
Max-Born-Institute, GERMANY
S-D06-11 Improvements to the Principal Components Generalized Projections algorithm: Operator Formulation (Invited)
Kane, Daniel
Mesa Photonics, LLC, USA
S-D06-12 Regularization - a mathematical tool to stabilize pulse recovery
Gerth, Daniel
Technische Universitat Chemnitz, GERMANY
S-D06-13 The Measurement of Ultrashort Laser Pulses (Invited)
Trebino, Rick
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
S-D06-14 Time-domain ptychography, from PIE to iPIE to pPIE
Spangenberg, Dirk (1); Feurer, Thomas (2); Rohwer, Erich (1); Bruegmann, Michael (2)
(1) Stellenbosch University, SOUTH AFRICA; (2) University of Bern, SWITZERLAND
S-D06-15 Review of the dispersion-scan technique (Invited)
Arnold, Cord (1); Cheng, Yu-Chen (1); Miranda, Miguel (1); Harth, Anne (2); Mikaelsson, Sara (1); L'Huillier, Anne (1); Guo, Chen (1); Louisy, Maite (1)
(1) Lund University, SWEDEN; (2) Max-Planck-Institut fur Kernphysik Heidelberg, GERMANY
S-D06-16 Future of Ti:Sapphire lasers: combining high peak and average power.
Kalashnikov, Mikhail (1); Cao, Huabao (2); Nagymihaly, Roland (2); Osvay, Karoly (2); Khodakovskiy, Nikita (2); Chvykov, Vladimir (2)
(1) Max-Born-Institute, GERMANY; (2) ELI-ALPS, HUNGARY
S-D06-17 Ptychographic approach for FROG: beyond pulse reconstruction
Cohen, Oren (1); Lahav, Oren (1); Haham, Gil (1); Sidorenko, Pavel (2)
(1) Technion , ISRAEL; (1) Technion, ISRAEL; (2) Cornell University, ISRAEL
S-D06-18 Reconstruction of Ultrashort Pulses using Deep Neural Networks
Dikopoltsev, Alex
Technion, ISRAEL
S-D08-1 Bendable Printed and Thin-film Electronics for Wireless Communications (Invited)
Ellinger, Frank (1); Ishida, Koichi (1); Petti, Luisa (2); Meister, Tilo (1); Salvatore, Giovanni (2); Muenzenrieder, Niko (3); Troester, Gerhard (2); Cantarella, Giuseppe (2); Knobelspies, Stefan (2); Barahona, Marvin (1); Boroujeni, Bahman Kheradmand (1); Carta, Corrado (1); Huebler, Arved (4); Schmidt, Georg (4)
(1) TU Dresden, GERMANY; (2) ETH Zurich, SWITZERLAND; (3) University of Sussex, SWITZERLAND; (4) Chemnitz University of Technology, GERMANY
S-D08-2 Inkjet-printed RFID-Skins for the Detection of Surface Defects (Invited)
nappi, simone; Marrocco, Gaetano
University of Rome Tor Vergata, ITALY
S-D08-3 Compact antenna for wearable applications (Invited)
Genovesi, Simone; Manara, Giuliano; Costa, Filippo
University of Pisa, ITALY
S-D08-4 The Effects of Added Clothing Layers on the Performance of Wearable Electro-Textile UHF RFID Tags
Virkki, Johanna; He, Han; Chen, Xiaochen; Ukkonen, Leena
Tampere University of Technology, FINLAND
S-D08-5 Flexible RF-Electronics based on Non-Volatile Nano-Ionic Switches
Methapettyparambu Purushothama, Jayakrishnan (1); Perret, Etienne (1); Vena, Arnaud (2); Sorli, Brice (3)
(1) Université Grenoble Alpes , FRANCE; (1) Université Grenoble Alpes, FRANCE; (2) Université de Monpellier 2, FRANCE; (3) Université de Monpellier 3, FRANCE
S-D08-6 2D Localization using Phase Measurement of Chipless RFID Tags
Barbot, Nicolas; Perret, Etienne
Grenoble INP, FRANCE
S-D08-P An Inkjet Printed RFID-enabled Humidity Sensor on Paper based on Biopolymer
Vena, Arnaud; Saggin, Benjamin; Belaizi, Yassin; Sorli, Brice; Podlecki, Jean
University of Montpellier, FRANCE
S-D09-01 Design of a Narrow Band Single-Layer Chipless RFID Tag
Figueiredo, Ricardo (1); Goncalves, Joco (2); Louro, Joao (2); Carvalho, Nuno (3); Pereira, Samuel (4)
(1) Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, PORTUGAL; (2) Universidade de Aveiro, PORTUGAL; (3) IT-Universidade de Aveiro, PORTUGAL; (4) Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, PORTUGAL
S-D09-02 Some techniques for mass production of textile wireless systems
Rogier, Hendrik (1); Van Baelen, Dries (1); Lemey, Sam (1); Agneessens, Sam (1); Rossi, Marco (2); Verhaevert, Jo (1)
(1) Ghent University, BELGIUM; (2) IZM, GERMANY
S-D09-03 Wearable Antennas on flexible substrate
Lemaitre-Auger, Pierre
University Grenoble Alpes, FRANCE
S-D09-04 Low Bitrate Ambient FM backscattering for Low Cost and Low Power Sensing
Daskalakis, Spyridon; Goussetis, George; Georgiadis, Apostolos
Heriot-Watt University, UNITED KINGDOM
S-D09-05 Wearable breathing sensor based on Modulated Frequency Selective Surfaces
Lazaro, Antonio; Girbau, David; Villarino, Ramon; Milici, Stefano
Rovira i Virgili University, SPAIN
S-D09-06 On the Reading of Moving Chipless RFID Tags
Costa, Filippo (1); Bianchi, Davide (1); Genovesi, Simone (1); Borgese, Michele (1); Manara, Giuliano (1); Dicandia, Francesco Alessio (1); Monorchio, Agostino (1); Gentile, Antonio (2); Buoncristiani, Luca (3)
(1) University of Pisa, ITALY; (2) , ITALY
S-D09-07 A Scalable Textile Antenna Mat for Wireless Sensing of Children's Height
Kiourti, Asimina; Militello, Lisa; Zhu, Keren
The Ohio State University, USA
S-D09-P1 Passive UHF RFID Sensor Tag for Pressure and Temperature Conditions Monitoring
Rennane, Ahmed (1); Touhami, Rachida (2); Benmahmoud, Fateh (1); souza-marques-da-fonseca, newton-savio (1); Kaddour, Darine (1); Tedjini, Smail (3); abdelnour, abanob-assaad-amin (3)
(1) Univ. Grenoble Alpes, FRANCE; (2) Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediene (USTHB), ALGERIA; (3) LCIS, FRANCE
S-D09-P2 Achieving Time Domain Transmission Sensing with Fully Passive UHF RFID Tags
Souza Marques da Fonseca, Newton Savio (1); Fontgalland, Glauco (1); Tedjini, Smail (2); Rennane, Ahmed (2); Silverio Freire, Raimundo Carlos (1)
(1) Federal University of Campina Grande, BRAZIL; (2) Univ. Grenoble Alpes, FRANCE
S-D13-01 Absolute Wavelength Photonic Time Stretch Spectroscopy
Asghari, Hossein
Loyola Marymount University, USA
S-D13-02 Optical rogue waves as an indicator for the loss of intrapulse coherence
Steinmeyer, Gunter
Max-Born-Institut, GERMANY
S-D13-03 On-chip Generation and Coherent Control of Complex Optical Quantum States
Morandotti, Roberto
S-D13-04 Spectrally Encoded Imaging for Fast Dynamic Surface Breakout Events (Invited)
Salyer, Terry
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
S-D13-05 Spectral Dynamics of Soliton Explosion in a Passively Mode-Locked Yb Fiber Laser with Time Stretch Spectroscopy
Suzuki, Masayuki
Aichi Medical University, JAPAN
S-D13-07 Terahertz Chemical Mircroscope for Detecting Cancer Cells
Ozaki, Tsuneyuki
S-D13-08 Progress in Real-Time Measurements of Ultrafast Instabilities in Nonlinear Fiber Optics
Dudley, John
S-D13-10 High-frame-rate Spectrum Measurement for Ultrafast Optical Pulses based on Optical Signal Processing
Wada, Naoya; Delgado Mendinueta, José Manuel; Furukawa, Hideaki
S-DA-1 Dynamic Simulations of Quantum Cascade Lasers Beyond the Rotating Wave Approximation
Riesch, Michael; Jirauschek, Christian; Tzenov, Petar
Technical University of Munich, GERMANY
S-DA-P THz emission driven by a dual-transverse-modes laser
Blin, Stéphane; Abbes, Alaeddine
IES, Univ. Montpellier, FRANCE
S-DB-1 Implications of Higher Symmetries in Periodic Structures
Quevedo-Teruel, Oscar (1); Ghasemifard Fatemeh (1); Sipus, Zvonimir (2); Valerio, Guido (3)
(1) KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SWEDEN; (2) University of Zagreb, HUNGARY; (3) Sorbonne Université, FRANCE
S-DB-2 Leaky-Wave AntennasWith Arbitrary Radiation Based on Bianisotropic Huygens' Metasurfaces
Abdo-Sanchez, Elena (1); Eleftheriades, George V. (2); Epstein, Ariel (3)
(1) Universidad de Malaga, SPAIN; (2) University of Toronto, CANADA; (3) Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, ISRAEL
S-DB-3 Dynamically reconfigurable metasurfaces and leaky-wave antennas for millimeter-wave and THz applications
Feresidis, Alexandros; Churm, James; Rabbani, Muhammad
University of Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM
S-DB-5 Nonreciprocal Graphene-based Leaky-Wave Antennas: Theory and Applications
Correas Serrano, Diego; Gomez Diaz, Juan Sebastian
University of California, Davis, USA
S-DB-6 Magnetically Scannable Leaky Wave Antenna
Mateo-Segura, Carolina (1); GOMEZ TORNERO, JOSE LUIS (2); Rotenberg, Samuel (1); Goussetis, George (1); Garcia-Poveda, Miguel (2)
(1) Heriot-Watt University, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) Technical University of Cartagena (UPCT), SPAIN
S-DB-7 Study of the Efficiency of Half-Width Substrate Integrated Waveguide Leaky-Wave Antennas in FR4 (Invited)
Garcia-Poveda, Miguel; Canete-Rebenaque, David; GOMEZ TORNERO, JOSE LUIS
S-DB-P A Reconfigurable Goubau-Line-Based Leaky Wave Antenna
Zhang, Qingfeng (1); Tang, Xiaolan (1); Hu, Sanming (2); Chen, Yifan (1)
(1) Southern University of Science and Technology, CHINA CIE; (2) Southeast University, CHINA CIE
S-EABK-1 Hybrid Static-Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Verification of Multi-Scale Complex Environments: Applications to Ubiquitous Interactions
Wane, Sidina
S-EABK-2 Strong- and weak-damping limits in the response of enclosures to complex forcing
Creagh, Stephen; Tanner, Gregor; Phang, Sendy; Gradoni, Gabriele
University of Notttingham, UNITED KINGDOM
S-EABK-3 Quantitative Statistical Analysis for Wave Propagation in Chaotic Environments: A Stochastic Green's Function - Integral Equation Method
Lin, Shen (1); Antonsen, Thomas (2); Peng, Zhen (1)
(1) University of New Mexico, USA; (2) University of Maryland, College Park, USA
S-EABK-4 Reconfiguring the Boundaries of a 3D-Microwave Cavity within the Photon Lifetime
del Hougne, Philipp (1); Fink, Mathias (1); Gros, Jean-Baptiste (1); Lerosey, Geoffroy (1); Gradoni, Gabriele (2)
(1) Institut Langevin CNRS, FRANCE; (2) University of Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
S-EABK-5 Numerical Study of Statistical Properties of Stored and Dissipated Energy in Reverberant Cavities
Arnaut, Luk (1); Andries, Mihai (2)
(1) Queen Mary University of London, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) DB Technology, UNITED KINGDOM
S-EABK-6 Coupling Random Matrix approach and Wigner function technique to study the directivity of the EM field emitted by an open chaotic reverberation chamber.
Gros, Jean-Baptiste (1); Gradoni, Gabriele (2); del Hougne, Philipp (3); Lerosey, Geoffroy (4)
(1) Institut Langevin CNRS , FRANCE; (2) University of Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM; (3) Institut Langevin, ESPCI Paris & CNRS, FRANCE; (4) Institut Langevin CNRS , FRANCE
S-EABK-7 Phase-space representation of the wave fields reflected by random rough surfaces
Blakaj, Valon; Creagh, Stephen; Gradoni, Gabriele; Tanner, Gregor
University of Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM; () University of Notttingham, UNITED KINGDOM; () University of Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
S-EACFJ-1 pycraf: Spectrum compatibility studies for the Radioastronomy Service
Winkel, Benjamin
Max--Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie, GERMANY
S-EACFJ-2 LOFAR and wind turbine interference
Brentjens, Michiel
S-EACFJ-3 LTE-TDD Spectral Sensing
Milheiro, Joao (1); Borrego, José (2); Carvalho, Nuno (1)
(1) IT-Universidade de Aveiro, PORTUGAL; (2) ANACOM, PORTUGAL
S-EACFJ-P1 EMC Study in Mingantu Spectral Radioheliograph
Geng, Lihong; Li, Sha; Su, Cang; Chen, Zhijun; Liu, Donghao; Yan, Yihua
National Astronomical Observatories, CAS, CHINA CIE
S-EACFJ-P2 Wideband Channel Availability Statistics over the High Frequency Spectrum in Cyprus
Haralambous, Haris; Golam, Md Mostafa
Frederick University, CYPRUS
S-F01-1 A Machine Learning-based Approach to Pseudo-Radar Rainfall Estimation Using Disdrometer Data (Invited)
Chen, Haonan (1); Chandrasekar, V. (2)
(1) Colorado State University and NOAA, USA; (2) Colorado State University , USA
S-F01-2 Estimation of the phase shift between simultaneously transmitted H and V in the SHV mode
Santalla del Rio, Veronica; Vera-Isasa, Maria
University of Vigo, SPAIN
S-F01-3 Precipitation Classification and Quantification Using Dual-Polarization Observations from the NASA D3R
Chandrasekar, V.; Chen, Haonan
Colorado State University, USA
S-F01-4 A Virtual Wind Vector Retrieval Method based on Radar Echo Shape
Jang, Bong-Joo; Lim, Sanghun; Kim, Won; Lee, Dong-Ryul Lee
Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, SOUTH KOREA
S-F01-5 Analysis of Snow Growth Process Based on High-Resolution X-band Polarimetric Radar Signature of a Severe Winter Storm in Korea
Lim, Sanghun (1); Allabakaksh, Shaik (1); Jang, Bong-Joo (1); Chandrasekar, V. (2); Choi, Jung-Ho (3); Kim, Won (1)
(1) Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, SOUTH KOREA; (2) Colorado State University , USA; (3) Chosun College of Science & Technology, KOREA
S-F01-6 NEFOCAST project for real-time precipitation estimation from Ku satellite links: Preliminary results of the validation field campaign
Baldini, Luca (1); Petrolino, Antonio (2); Facheris, Luca (1); Caparrini, Francesca (3); Giannetti, Filippo (4); Bacci, Giacomo (2); Vaccaro, Attilio (2); Adirosi, Elisa (1); Moretti, Marco (4); Reggiannini, Ruggero (4); Antonini, Andrea (5); Mazza, Alessandro (5)
(1) CNIT RASS Lab, ITALY; (2) MBI srl. Pisa, ITALY; (3) CNR , ITALY; (4) University of Pisa, ITALY; (5) LAMMA Consortium, Sesto Fiorentino, ITALY
S-F01-7 Characterization of cloud microphysics during rainy events over the tropical coastal station using Microwave Radiometer and Micro Rain Radar observations
Renju, R.
Paloscia, Simonetta; Santi, Emanuele; Pettinato, Simone; Pampaloni, Paolo
S-F02-2 Modeling the scattering contributions of soybean pods and corn cobs
Sharma, Avinash
Johns Hopkins University, USA
S-F02-3 Forest Biomass estimation with ground based GNSS receivers
Guerriero, Leila (1); Paloscia, Simonetta (2); Pierdicca, Nazzareno (3); Santi, Emanuele (2); Martin, Francisco (4); Mollfulleda, Antonio (4)
(1) Tor Vergat University of Rome, ITALY; (2) CNR-IFAC, ITALY; (3) University of Rome, ITALY; (4) STARLAB, ITALY
S-F02-4 Long-Wavelength Radar Scattering Model of Vegetated Permafrost Soils
Moghaddam, Mahta; Chen, Richard; Tabatabaeenejad, Alireza
University of Southern California, USA
S-F02-5 SLAP's Radar Calibration and Freeze Thaw Data Analysis
Lang, Roger (1); Kim, Edward (2); Zhou, Yiwen (1); du Toit, Cornelis (2); De Marco, Eugenia (2); Wu, Albert (2)
(1) George Washington University, USA; (2) NASA, USA
S-F06-1 Scaling Rain Attenuation as a Function of the Link Elevation
Machado Tomaz, Luciano; Luini, Lorenzo; Capsoni, Carlo
Politecnico di Milano, ITALY
S-F06-2 Assessing radiative transfer models trained by numerical weather forecasts using Sun-tracking radiometric measurements for satellite link characterization up to W band
Biscarini, Marianna
Sapienza University of Rome, ITALY
S-F06-3 Investigation of rain induced depolarization by means of a physically based simulator
Regonesi, Eric (1); Nebuloni, Roberto (2); Capsoni, Carlo (2); Luini, Lorenzo (2); Riva, Carlo (2)
(1) Politecnico di Milano, ITALY; (2) Politecnico di Milano/Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, ITALY
S-F06-4 AlphaSat Aldo Paraboni Experiment Q-band Receiving Station in Rome (Italy): Upgrades and Preliminary Scintillation Measurements
Marziani, Augusto Maria
University of Rome, ITALY
S-F08-1 Micro/nano-satellite as a Platform for Space Remote-sensing
Takakashi, Yukihiro (1); Kurihara, Junichi (1); Kuwahara, Toshinori (2); Sato, Mitsuteru (1); Yoshida, Kazuya (2); Ishida, Testuro (1); Reising, Steven (3); Sakamoto, Yuji (2)
(1) Hokkaido University, JAPAN; (2) Tohoku University, JAPAN; (3) Colorado State University, USA
S-F08-2 CubeSat based radio tomography for a rubble pile asteroid: DISCUS mission concept
Takala, Mika (1); Lentz, Harald (2); Bambach, Patrick (3); Deller, Jakob (3); Braun, Hans Martin (2); Vilenius, Esa (3); Pursiainen, Sampsa (1); Wittig, Manfred (4)
(1) Tampere University of Technology, FINLAND; (2) RST Radar Systemtechnik Gmbh, GERMANY; (3) Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, GERMANY; (4) MEW-Aerospace, GERMANY
S-F08-3 Assessment of operational microsatellite based SAR for Earth Observation applications
Praks, Jaan (1); Modrzewski, Rafal (2); Ignatenko, Vladimir (2); Laurila, Pekka (2); Antropov, Oleg (1)
(1) Aalto University, FINLAND; (2) Iceye Ltd., FINLAND
S-F08-4 Nanosatellite based spectral imager Earth Observation mission results
Praks, Jaan (1); Nasila, Antti (2); Leppinen, Hannu (3); Niemela, Petri (1)
(1) Aalto University, FINLAND; (2) VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FINLAND; (3) SSF, FINLAND
S-F08-5 Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems Demonstration (TEMPEST-D): A 6U-Class Satellite Mission to Enable Temporally-Resolved Global Measurements of Clouds and Precipitation
Reising, Steven (1); Heneghan, Cate (2); Lim, Boon (2); Berg, Wesley (1); Padmanabhan, Sharmila (2); Brown, Shannon (2); Chandrasekar, Chandra V (1); Radhakrishnan, C. (1); Schulte, Richard (1); Gaier, Todd (2); Kummerow, Christian (1); Pallas, Matthew (3)
(1) Colorado State University, USA; (2) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA; (3) Blue Canyon Technologies, USA
S-F08-6 Tropospheric Water and Cloud Ice (TWICE) Millimeter and Sub-millimeter Wavelength Radiometer for 6U-Class Satellites: Enabling Global Observations of Ice Cloud Particle Size and Humidity in the Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere
Reising, Steven (1); Padmanabhan, Sharmila (2); Schlecht, Erich (2); Cofield, Richard (2); Chahat, Nacer (2); Brown, Shannon (2); Leong, Kevin (3); Mei, Gerry (3); Jiang, Jonathan (2); Bosch-Lluis, Xavier (2); Zamora, Alex (3); Kilmer, Braxton (1); Deal, William (3); Goncharenko, Yuriy (1); Shih, Sean (3); Ogut, Mehmet (1); Kangaslahti, Pekka (2)
(1) Colorado State University, USA; (2) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA; (3) Northrop Grumman Corporation, USA
S-F08-7 3Cat-4: a 1U Cubesat Demonstration GNSS-R Mission
Camps, Adriano; Ruiz de Azua, Joan Adria; Munoz-Martin, Juan Francisco
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech, SPAIN
S-G01-01 Recent Advances in Active Ionospheric Modulation by High-Power HF Radio-waves and Sideband Detections
Mahmoudian, Alireza
InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico, USA
S-G01-02 Characterizing Threats to GBAS Services from Ionospheric Gradients and Irregularities over the Brazilian Airspace
Doherty, Patricia; Pradipta, Rezy; Yizengaw, Endawoke
Boston College, USA
S-G01-02 Influence of polar cap patch scintillations on GNSS receiver performance during geomagnetic disturbed conditions
Hoeg, Per (1); Durgonics, Tibor (2)
(1) University of Oslo, NORWAY; (2) Technical University of Denmark, DENMARK
S-G01-03 Spectral Characterization of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles from High-Resolution Simulations
Rino, Charles (1); Carrano, Charles (1); Yokoyama, Tatsuhiro (2)
(1) Boston College, USA; (2) NICT, USA
S-G01-04 Characterization of foF2 anomalies detected by the Rome ionospheric observatory during the last three solar cycles minima
Ippolito, Alessandro; Perrone, Loredana; Cesaroni, Claudio
S-G01-05 Analysis of the regional ionosphere at low latitudes in support of the Biomass ESA mission
Alfonsi, Lucilla
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, ITALY
S-G01-06 A new method to retrieve thermospheric parameters from daytime Ne(h) observations in the F1-region
Perrone, Loredana (1); Mikhailov, Andrey (2)
(1) INGV, Istituto Nazionale di geofisica e Vulcanologia, ITALY; (2) IZMIRAN, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-G01-08 New ionospheric sounding techniques and opportunities with single-frequency GNSS receivers
Hernandez-Pajares, Manuel
Politechnical University of Cataluna, SPAIN
S-G01-09 Long-term trends in thermospheric and ionospheric parameters as the reflection of solar activity long-term variations
Mikhailov, Andrey (1); Perrone, Loredana (2)
S-G01-10 GPS ROTI Maps as new IGS ionospheric product characterizing the ionospheric irregularities occurrence - current stage and perspectives
Kotulak, Kacper (1); Krankowski, Andrzej (1); Zakharenkova, Irina (1); Cherniak, Iurii (2)
(1) University of Warmia and Mazury, POLAND; (2) COSMIC Program Office, UCAR, USA
S-G01-11 Simultaneously measuring Total Electron Content with InSAR and GNSS
Musico, Elvira (1); De Franceschi, Giorgiana (1); Spogli, Luca (1); Cesaroni, Claudio (1); Seu, Roberto (2); Polcari, Marco (1)
(1) INGV, ITALY; (2) Sapienza University of Rome, ITALY
S-G01-12 Multi-Instrument Observations of MSTIDs and Source Determination
Mathews, John (1); Coster, Anthea (2); Dinsmore, Ross (1); Sarkhel, Sumanta (3)
(1) Penn State University, USA; (2) MIT Haystack Observatory, USA; (3) Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, INDIA
S-G01-13 The contribution of the Ionosphere Prediction Service Project in supporting the mitigation of the ionospheric effects on radio signals
Cesaroni, Claudio (1); Ronchini, Roberto (2); Aquino, Marcio (3); Berrilli, Francesco (4); Vadakke Veettil, Sreeja (3); De Franceschi, Giorgiana (1); Romano, Vincenzo (1); Rodriguez, Filippo (2); Di Rollo, Stefano (2); Del Moro, Dario (4); Spogli, Luca (1); Hutchinson, Michael (5)
(1) INGV, ITALY; (2) TPZ, ITALY; (3) University of Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM; (4) UTOV, ITALY; (5) NSL, UNITED KINGDOM
S-G01-14 Ionospheric fluctuations monitored with TEC gradients and ROTI
Kotulak, Kacper (1); FroD, Adam (1); Krankowski, Andrzej (1); Hernandez-Pajares, Manuel (2); Cherniak, Iurii (3); Zakharenkova, Irina (1)
(1) University of Warmia and Mazury, POLAND; (2) Politechnical University of Cataluna, SPAIN; (3) COSMIC Program Office, UCAR, Boulder, USA, USA
S-G01-15 Ionospheric scintillation diagnostics using LOFAR interferometer
Pozoga, Mariusz; Rothkaehl, Hanna; Grzesiak, Marcin; Wronowski, Roman; Budzinska, Katarzyna; Przepiorka, Dorota; Matyjasiak, Barbara
Space Research Centre PAS, POLAND
S-G01-P Inter-hemispheric comparison of the ionosphere-plasmasphere system.
Bergeot, Nicolas (1); Habarulema, John Bosco (2); Chevalier, Jean-Marie (1)
(1) Royal Observatory of Belgium, BELGIUM; (2) SANSA, SOUTH AFRICA
S-G02-01 NTCM based modelling approaches for the estimation of ionospheric key parameters
Hoque, Mohammed Mainul; Jakowski, Norbert
German Aerospace Center (DLR), GERMANY
S-G02-02 From ionospheric weather nowcast to forecast: 1. Choice of IRTAM basis
Galkin, Ivan (1); Bilitza, Dieter (2); Reinisch, Bodo (3); Song, Paul (1)
(1) University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA; (2) George Mason University, USA; (3), USA
S-G02-03 NeQuick model and GNSS-derived TEC comparison over the last two solar cycles
Nava, Bruno (1); Azpilicueta, Francisco (2)
(1) ICTP, ITALY; (2) Universidad Nacional de La Plata - CONICET, ARGENTINA
S-G02-04 Considerations for NeQuick G speed optimization
Orus Perez, Raul (1); Grosu, Alex (2); Kashcheyev, Anton (3); Scortan, Sorin (2); Nava, Bruno (3)
(1) ESA, FRANCE; (2) CS-Romania, ROMANIA; (3) ICTP, ITALY
S-G02-05 Ionospheric Storm Variability in the Empirical Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (E-CHAIM)
Themens, David; Jayachandran, P.T.
University of New Brunswick, CANADA
S-G02-07 A Combined Ensemble Kalman and Particle Filter for Ionospheric Data Assimilation
Elvidge, Sean (1); Nava, Bruno (2); Angling, Matthew (1)
(1) University of Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) ICTP, ITALY
S-G02-08 An ensemble Kalman filter algorithm for ionospheric characterization and forecasting
Rabidoux, Scott; Calfas, Roy; Gaussiran, Thomas
The University of Texas at Austin, USA
S-G02-09 Development of improved ionospheric empirical model and software for HF ray tracing
Klimenko, Maxim (1); Bessarab, Pavel (2); Zhbankov, Gennady (3); Ratovsky, Konstantin (4); Nosikov, Igor (5); Blagoveshchensky, Donat (6); Kotova, Daria (1); Pustovalova, Lubov (7); Klimenko, Vladimir (1); Bessarab, Fedor (8); Chirik, Nickolay (1); Zakharenkova, Irina (1); Karpachev, Alexander (7)
(1) West Department of Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) Science Institute of the University of Iceland, ICELAND; (3) , RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (4) RAS, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (5) Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (6) RUSSIAN FEDERATION, ; (7) IZMIRAN, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (8) ,
S-G02-10 Near Real-Time Background Ionospheric model update by using GPS-TEC and NmF2 for HF Communication Links
Koroglu, Ozan (1); Arikan, Feza (1); Gulyaeva, Tamara (2)
(1) Hacettepe University, TURKEY; (2) IZMIRAN, TURKEY
S-G02-11 Satellite model of foF2 in the high-latitude winter ionosphere of the Northern and Southern hemispheres
Karpachev, Alexander
S-G02-12 Ground-Based GNSS Data for the Ionosphere Model Correction at high-latitudes
Kotova, Daria (1); Ovodenko, Vladimir (2); Yasyukevich, Yury (3); Mylnikov, Anna (3); Klimenko, Maxim (4)
(1) West Department of Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) JSC Scientific Research Institute for Long-Distance Radiocommunication, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (3) SB RAS, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (4) West Department of Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-G02-13 OIASA oblique ionograms automatic scaling algorithm application to the ionograms recorded by Ebro observatory ionosonde
Ippolito, Alessandro (1); Blanch, Estefania (2); Scotto, Carlo (1); Altadill, David (2)
(1) INGV, ITALY; (2) Observatori de l'Ebre, SPAIN
S-G02-14 A method to evaluate the accuracy of ionospheric tomographic reconstructions using incoherent scatter radar scans
Bruno, Jon; Mitchell, Cathryn; Bolmgren, Karl
University of Bath, UNITED KINGDOM
S-G02-P Comparison of solar-ionospheric indices for the foF2 modeling
Shubin, V.
S-G03-1 Directional and Time Analysis of Wave-like Ionospheric Disturbances over Turkey Using Near Real Time Indicator DROT
Koroglu, Meltem; Arikan, Feza
Hacettepe University, TURKEY
S-G03-2 Repeatability Investigation of BeiDou Receiver Differential Code Bias
Abdelazeem, Mohamed
Faculty of Engineering, EGYPT
S-G03-3 Identification of travelling ionospheric disturbances in the ionosphere using GPS with independent verification
Bolmgren, Karl (1); Bust, Gary (2); Mitchell, Cathryn (1); Bruno, Jon (1)
(1) University of Bath, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA
S-G03-4 On the Accuracy of the GPS L2 Observable for Ionospheric Monitoring
McCaffrey, Anthony (1); Sleewaegen, Jean-Marie (2); Langley, Richard B. (1); Jayachandran, P.T. (1)
(1) University of New Brunswick, CANADA; (2) Serpentrio, BELGIUM
S-G04-1 GPS Precise Point Positioning Techniques for Estimating Topside Ionospheric Total Electron Content using CASSIOPE GAP Measurements: Update
Nicholson, Heather; Langley, Richard B.
University of New Brunswick, CANADA
S-G04-2 Zenith Total Electron Content from the EUMETSAT Metops/GRAS instruments
Notarpietro, Riccardo; Marquardt, Christian; Andres, Yago; von Engeln, Axel
S-G04-3 Characteristics of Medium-Scale F-region Plasma Irregularities at Equatorial and Mid Latitudes, as Observed by COSMIC Radio Occultation Receivers
Watson, Chris
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, USA
S-G04-4 Monitoring and modelling the plasmasphere by space based GNSS measurements (Invited)
Jakowski, Norbert; Hoque, Mohammed Mainul
German Aerospace Center (DLR), GERMANY
S-G04-5 Climatological behavior of the topside ionospheric-plasmaspheric electron content above Antarctica
Bergeot, Nicolas (1); Chevalier, Jean-Marie (1); Pierrard, Viviane (2); Darrouzet, Fabien (2)
(1) Royal Observatory of Belgium, BELGIUM; (2) Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, BELGIUM
Somoye, Emmanuel; Onori, Eugene; Ogwala, Aghogho
Lagos State University, NIGERIA
S-G05-1 Ionospheric Density Irregularities, Turbulence, and Wave Disturbances during the Total Solar Eclipse over North America on 21 August 2017
Doherty, Patricia; Yizengaw, Endawoke; Pradipta, Rezy
Boston College, USA
S-G05-2 The D-region response to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse: Observations and Modeling
Marshall, Robert (1); Kero, Antti (2); Marsh, Daniel (3); Drob, Douglas (4); Turunen, Esa (5); Xu, Wei (1)
(1) University of Colorado Boulder, USA; (2) Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory, FINLAND; (3) National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA; (4) Naval Research Laboratory, USA; (5) Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory, FINLAND
S-G05-3 e-POP’s measurements of the topside ionosphere’s response to the 2017 solar eclipse
Perry, Gareth (1); Farrow, Robert (2); Bernhardt, Paul (3); Themens, David (4); James, H. Gordon (1); Watson, Chris (5); Howarth, Andrew (1); Yau, Andrew (1); Huba, Joseph (3)
(1) University of Calgary, CANADA; (2) , ; (3) Naval Research Laboratory, USA; (4) University of New Brunswick, CANADA; (5) The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, USA
S-G05-4 Investigation of the electron density variation during the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse
Reinisch, Bodo (1); Hamel, Ryan (2); Dandeneault, Patrick (3); Richards, Phil (4); Galkin, Ivan (5)
(1), USA; (2) Lowell Digisonde International, USA; (3) Appl. Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University, USA; (4) George Mason University, USA; (5) University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
S-G05-5 Ionospheric impact of the solar eclipse on 21 August 2017
Jakowski, Norbert; Hoque, Mohammed Mainul; Kriegel, Martin; Banys, Daniela
German Aerospace Center (DLR), GERMANY
S-G05-6 Ionospheric Signatures of the 21 August 2017 Solar Eclipse
Coster, Anthea (1); Goncharenko, Larisa (1); Zhang, Shunrong (1); Erickson, Philip (1); Vierinen, Juha (2); Rideout, William (1)
(1) MIT Haystack Observatory, USA; (2) University of Tromso, Norway, USA
S-G05-P Ionospheric disturbances due to the 2017 American solar eclipse detected at a European observatory
Verhulst, Tobias; Stankov, Stanimir
Royal Meteorological Institute, BELGIUM
S-G06-01 Polar region Scintillation research in the GPS Era - What went wrong in the last several years?
Jayachandran, P.T. (1); Hamza, Abdelhaq (1); Zhang, Qing-He (2); McCaffrey, Anthony (1); Wang, Yong (2)
(1) University of New Brunswick, CANADA; (2) Shandong University, CHINA CIE
S-G06-02 Simulating ionospheric scintillation of GPS signals for resilient PNT testing (Invited)
Pinto Jayawardena, Talini (1); Bruno, Jon (2); Buesnel, Guy (1); Bolmgren, Karl (2); Mitchell, Cathryn (2); Watson, Robert (2); Boyles, Richard (1); Forte, Biagio (2)
(1) Spirent Communications, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) University of Bath, UNITED KINGDOM
S-G06-03 Comparison of propagation of GNSS signals from plasma instabilities generated using a plasma model combined with a configuration space model and a spectral model (Invited)
Deshpande, Kshitija (1); Zettergren, Matt (1); Rino, Charles (2); Conroy, James (3)
(1) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA; (2) Boston College, University of Colorado Boulder, USA; (3) Virginia Tech, JHUAPL, USA
S-G06-04 GNSS scintillations in Siberia during 2014-2017
Yasyukevich, Yury
S-G06-05 Long-duration Structure in LOFAR Dynamic Spectrum Observations of mid-Latitude Ionospheric Scintillation
Fallows, Richard (1); Forte, Biagio (2); Krankowski, Andrzej (3)
(1) ASTRON, NETHERLANDS; (2) University of Bath, UNITED KINGDOM; (3) University of Warmia and Mazury, POLAND
S-G06-06 Identifying E and F Region Irregularities with a Scintillation Auroral GPS Array (Invited)
Datta-Barua, Seebany (1); Deshpande, Kshitija (2); Hampton, Donald (3); Bust, Gary (4); Sreenivash, Vaishnavi (1); Su, Yang (1)
(1) Illinois Institute of Technology, USA; (2) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA; (3) University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA; (4) The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA
S-G06-07 High-latitude ionospheric scintillations during geomagnetic disturbances (Invited)
Zou, Shasha (1); Morton, Jade (2); Ozturk, Doga (1)
(1) University of Michigan, USA; (2) University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
S-G06-08 The ultimate ionospheric scintillation climatology over Svalbard
Alfonsi, Lucilla; Hunstad, Ingrid; De Franceschi, Giorgiana; Spogli, Luca; Romano, Vincenzo; Cesaroni, Claudio
S-G06-09 Scintillation Monitoring and Feature Analysis Using Multi-Frequency GNSS Receivers
Morton, Jade
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
S-G06-10 Auroral Scintillation Monitoring for GNSS (Invited)
Skone, Susan
University of Calgary, CANADA
S-G06-11 New frontiers in Auroral Plasma Dynamics inferred from dense GNSS receiver array Observations (Invited)
Mrak, Sebastijan (1); Pankratius, Victor (2); Nishimura, Toshi (1); Erickson, Philip (2); Semeter, Joshua (1)
(1) Boston University, USA; (2) MIT Haystack Observatory, USA
S-G07-01 Russian National Ionospheric Network
Pulinets, Sergey
Space Research Institute (IKI), Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-G07-02 Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Oblique Ionosonde Soundings Using New Hardware Capability of the DPS4D Ionosonde
Verhulst, Tobias (1); Reinisch, Bodo (2); Altadill, David (3); Galkin, Ivan (4); Kozlov, Alexander (5); Belehaki, Anna (6); Blanch, Estefania (3); Stankov, Stanimir (1)
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S-G07-03 Testing Ionospheric models for precise positioning
Orus Perez, Raul (1); Hernandez-Pajares, Manuel (2); Garcia-Fernandez, Miquel (3); wielgosz, Pawel (4); Garcia-Rigo, Alberto (5)
(1) ESA, FRANCE; (2) UPC/IonSAT, USA; (3) Rokubun, SPAIN; (4) UWM, POLAND; (5) UPC/IonSAT, USA
S-G07-04 The International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) instruments in Germany
Borries, Claudia; Banys, Daniela; Berdermann, Jens; Jakowski, Norbert
German Aerospace Center (DLR), GERMANY
S-G07-05 Real-time mapping of VTEC and slab thickness in cooperation of IGS' GNSS and GIRO sensor networks
FroD, Adam (1); Krankowski, Andrzej (1); Bilitza, Dieter (2); Roma Dollase, David (3); Kotulak, Kacper (1); Hernandez-Pajares, Manuel (3); Cherniak, Iurii (4); Reinisch, Bodo (5); Zakharenkova, Irina (1); Galkin, Ivan (6)
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S-G07-06 Realistic Ionosphere: real-time ionosonde service for UN International Space Weather Initiative
Galkin, Ivan (1); Reinisch, Bodo (2)
(1) University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA; (2), USA
S-G07-08 Assessment methodology for global ionospheric maps of electron content and potential adaptation to real-time
Hernandez-Pajares, Manuel
Politechnical University of Cataluna, SPAIN
S-G07-09 Mapping the D-region Ionosphere by VLF Propagation Model Inversion
Gasdia, Forrest; Marshall, Robert
University of Colorado Boulder, USA
S-G07-10 Improvements in electron density definition in Autoscala program
Scotto, Carlo (1); Sgrigna, Vittorio (2); Sabbagh, Dario (1); Ippolito, Alessandro (1)
(1) INGV, Istituto Nazionale di geofisica e Vulcanologia, ITALY; (2) Universita Roma Tre, ITALY
S-G07-11 Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances nowcasting HF-based methodology and its validation with GNSS-TEC analysis techniques
Belehaki, Anna
National Observatory of Athens, GREECE
S-GE-1 Global Electric Circuit as engine of seismo-ionospheric coupling. Concept validation within the framework of INSPIRE project.
Kotulak, Kacper (1); Zakharenkova, Irina (1); Cherniak, Iurii (1); Rothkaehl, Hanna (2); FroD, Adam (1); Krankowski, Andrzej (1); Hernandez-Pajares, Manuel (3); Pulinets, Sergey (4); Davidenko, Dimitry (5)
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S-GE-2 Global Electric Circuit as a medium for inter-geospheres coupling
Pulinets, Sergey
Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-GE-3 On the impact of disturbed weather regions on the global electric circuit
Shatalina, Maria; Klimenko, Vladimir
Institute of Applied Physics Russian Academy of Science, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-GE-4 Investigation of the GEC sensitivity to the natural and anthropogenic perturbations of the conductivity and thunderstorm generators
Mareev, Evgeny; Slyunyaev, Nikolay
Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-GH-01 High-Power Large-Aperture radar echoes - possibly due to long-distance and high-altitude meteor echoes
Ovodenko, Vladimir (1); Harri, Ari-Matti (2); Tytin, Ilya (1); Uspensky, Mikhail (2)
(1) JSC Scientific Research Institute for Long-Distance Radiocommunication, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) Finnish Meteorological Institute, FINLAND
S-GH-02 Differences between hypervelocity impacts observed by the Cluster and the MMS satellites
Pellinen-Wannberg, Asta (1); Hamrin, Maria (1); Kero, Johan (2); Vaverka, Jakub (3); Norberg, Carol (1); De Spiegeleer, Alexandre (1); Mann, Ingrid (4)
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S-GH-03 Annual variations in meteor shower fluxes from radar observations
Campbell-Brown, Margaret
University of Western Ontario, CANADA
S-GH-04 Meteor Radio Afterglows: HF and VHF Radio Emission from Meteor Trails
Obenberger, Kenneth (1); Taylor, Gregory (2)
(1) AFRL, USA; (2) University of New Mexico, USA
S-GH-05 Determining all ambiguities in direction of arrival measured by radar systems
Kastinen, Daniel
Swedish Institute of Space Physics, SWEDEN
S-GH-06 Conjuring Radar Meteor Head-Echoes
Mathews, John
Penn State University, USA
S-GH-07 Space debris observation potential with EISCAT 3D
Vierinen, Juha (1); Kastinen, Daniel (2); Grydeland, Tom (3); McKay, Derek (1); Krag, Holger (4); Kero, Johan (2); Kebschull, Christopher (5); Rynestad, Elisabeth (1)
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Vaudrin, Cody (1); Palo, Scott (2); Chau, Jorge (3)
(1) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA; (2) University of Colorado at Boulder, USA; (3) Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics , SWITZERLAND
S-GH-09 Study of meteor echoes with the BRAMS radio interferometer
Lamy, Herve (1); Ranvier, Sylvain (1); Martinez Picar, Antonio (2); Tetard, Cedric (1); Verbeeck, Cis (2); Calders, Stijn (1); Anciaux, Michel (1)
(1) Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, BELGIUM; (2) Royal Observatory of Belgium, BELGIUM
S-GH-10 Meteor radar masses derived from single- and dual-frequency head-echo observations and model inversion
Marshall, Robert (1); Stober, Gunter (2); Kero, Johan (3); Brown, Peter (4); Schult, Carsten (2)
(1) University of Colorado Boulder, USA; (2) Liebniz-Institute for Atmospheric Physics, GERMANY; (3) Swedish Institute of Space Physics, SWEDEN; (4) University of Western Ontario, CANADA
S-GH-P Gas heating and chemical impact of plasma-related Transient Luminous Events in planetary upper atmospheres
Parra-Rojas, Francisco
Inter American University of Puerto Rico, USA
S-H01-01 Multi-Year Measurements of Radiation Belt Electrons: Acceleration, Transport, and Loss (Invited)
Baker, Daniel
LASP,. CU Boulder, USA
S-H01-02 A Statistical Survey of Radiation Belt Dropouts Observed by Van Allen Probes (Invited)
Tu, Weichao (1); Ni, Binbin (2); Xiang, Zheng (2)
(1) West Virginia University, USA; (2) Wuhan University, CHINA CIE
S-H01-03 Explaining the Apparent Impenetrable Barrier to Ultra-relativistic Electrons in the Outer Van Allen Belt (Invited)
Ozeke, Louis; Mann, Ian
University of Alberta, CANADA
S-H01-04 Van Allen Probe Database of Near-Equatorial Electric Drift Measurements: the Gateway to Informed Modeling of Plasma Transport in the Earth's Inner Magnetosphere (Invited)
Lejosne, Solene; Mozer, Forrest
University of California, Berkeley, USA; () University of California, Berkeley, USA
S-H01-05 Long-term correlation of EMIC wave activity and radiation belt flux variations
Usanova, Maria
S-H01-06 A Statistical Survey of Radiation Belt Electron Dropouts
Xiang, Zheng (1); Tu, Weichao (2); Ni, Binbin (1)
(1) Wuhan University, CHINA CIE; (2) West Virginia University, USA
S-H01-07 Survey of quasiperiodic emissions observed by the Van Allen Probes spacecraft
Nemec, Frantisek (1); Kurth, William (2); Santolik, Ondrej (3); Kletzing, Craig (2); Bezdekova, Barbora (1); Hospodarsky, George (2)
(1) Charles University, CZECH REPUBLIC; (2) University of Iowa, USA; (3) Institute of Atmospheric Physics CAS, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
S-H01-08 Conjugate ground and Van Allen Probes observations of narrow-band VLF hiss emissions
Demekhov, Andrei (1); Titova, Elena (1); Turunen, Tauno (2); Manninen, Jyrki (2); Santolik, Ondrej (3); Larchenko, Alexey (1); Pasmanik, Dmitry (4)
(1) Polar Geophysical Institute, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (2) Sodanlyla Geophysical Observatory, FINLAND; (3) CAS, CZECH REPUBLIC; (4) Institute of Applied Physics RAS, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
S-H01-09 Injections of Near-Relativistic and Relativistic Electrons into Earths Radiation Belts
Turner, Drew L
The Aerospace Corporation, USA
S-H01-10 Deep penetration of energetic electrons and ions into the low L region (L<4) (Invited)
Zhao, Hong (1); Li, Xinlin (1); Fennell, Joseph (2); Califf, Samuel (3); Baker, Daniel (1); Blake, J. Bernard (2); Turner, Drew (4); Leonard, Trevor (1); Spence, Harlan (5); Kanekal, Shrikanth (6); Claudepierre, Seth (4); Reeves, Geoffrey (7); Jaynes, Allison (8)
(1) University of Colorado Boulder, USA; (2) The Aerospace Corporation, USA; (3) Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, USA; (4) Space Sciences Department, Aerospace Corporation, USA; (5) University of New Hampshire, USA; (6) NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA; (7) Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA; (8) University of Iowa, USA
S-H01-11 Low energy (keV) O+ ion outflow directly into the inner magnetosphere: Van Allen Probes observations (Invited)
Gkioulidou, Matina (1); Ukhorskiy, Aleksandr (1); Wygant, John (2); Kletzing, Craig (3); Spence, Harlan (4); Ohtani, Shinichi (1); Takahashi, Kazue (1); Mitchell, Donald (1)
(1) JHU/APL, USA; (2) Univ. of Minnesota, USA; (3) Univ. of Iowa, USA; (4) University of New Hampshire, USA
S-H01-12 Quantitative Assessment of CRAND Contribution to the Relativistic Electrons in the Inner Belt and Slot Region (Invited)
Li, Xinlin
University of Colorado, USA
S-H01-13 Probability Distributions of Whistler-Mode Chorus Wave Amplitudes Observed in the Inner Magnetosphere (Invited)
Malaspina, David (1); Elkington, Scot (1); Chan, Anthony (2); Jaynes, Allison (3)
(1) University of Colorado, USA; (2) Rice University, USA; (3) University of Iowa, USA
S-H01-14 Spatial and temporal variability of whistler mode emissions in the Earth's inner magnetosphere (Invited)
Santolik, Ondrej
Institute of Atmospheric Physics CAS, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
S-H01-15 Quasilinear Analysis of Saturation Properties of Broadband Whistler Mode Waves (Invited)
Tao, Xin (1); Chen, Lunjin (2); Liu, Xu (2)
(1) University of Science and Technology of China, CHINA CIE; (2) The University of Texas at Dallas, USA
S-H01-16 The impact of interplanetary shocks on whistler mode waves (Invited)
Yue, Chao (1); Bortnik, Jacob (1); Zhao, Hong (2)
(1) UCLA, USA; (2) University of Colorado, USA
S-H01-17 Observations Directly Linking Relativistic Electron Microbursts to Whistler Mode Chorus: Van Allen Probes and FIREBIRD II (Invited)
Breneman, Aaron
University of Minnesota, USA
S-H01-18 Conjugate ground-spacecraft observations of VLF chorus elements
Demekhov, Andrei (1); Santolik, Ondrej (3); Manninen, Jyrki (2); Titova, Elena (1)
(1) Polar Geophysical Institute, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; (3) CAS, CZECH REPUBLIC; (2) Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory, FINLAND
S-H01-19 A Sheath Impedance Model for the Van Allen Probes EFW Instrument
Hartley, David (1); Hospodarsky, George (1); Wygant, John (2); Averkamp, Terrance (1); Bonnell, John (3); Santolik, Ondrej (4); Bounds, Scott (1); Kurth, William (1); Kletzing, Craig (1)
(1) University of Iowa, USA; (2) University of Minnesota, USA; (3) EC Berkeley, USA; (4) CAS, CZECH REPUBLIC
S-H01-20 Global Radiation Belt Modeling: Combined MHD, Ring Current and Test Particle Simulations (Invited)
Sorathia, Kareem
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, USA
S-H01-21 Diffusion Modeling of Electrons in the Inner Zone and Slot Region (Invited)
Albert, Jay
Air Force Research Lab, USA
S-H01-22 Global Model of Plasmaspheric Hiss from Multiple Satellite Observations (Invited)
Meredith, Nigel
British Antarctic Survey, UNITED KINGDOM
S-H01-23 Cross-Energy Coupling in the Inner Magnetosphere: Simulations and Comparisons with Van Allen Probe Observations (Invited)
Jordanova, Vania; Cowee, Misa; Henderson, Michael; Chen, Yue; Morley, Steve
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
S-H01-24 Ion Trapping and Acceleration at Dipolarization Fronts: High-Resolution MHD/Test-Particle Simulations
Ukhorskiy, Aleksandr
S-H01-25 Observations and Quasi-linear Fokker-Planck Simulations of the Quiet Decay of Radiation Belts Electrons in March 2013 (Invited)
Ripoll, Jean
S-H01-26 Microinjections and Drift Shell “Shredding” (Invited)
Spence, Harlan (1); Turner, Drew L (2); Kavosi, Shiva (1); Fennell, Joseph (2)
(1) University of New Hampshire, USA; (2) The Aerospace Corporation, USA
S-H01-27 Recent Results From The Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science (EMFISIS) on the Van Allen Probes
Kletzing, Craig
Univ. of Iowa, USA
S-H01-28 Estimating energetic electron densities in the Radiation Belt using statistical chorus wave amplitudes
Lichtenberger, Janos (1); Juhasz, Lilla (1); Omura, Yoshiharu (2)
(1) Eotvos University, HUNGARY; (2) Kyoto University, JAPAN
S-H02-01 Global distribution of ULF waves during magnetic storms on 27 March and 4 April, 2017: BATSRUS+CRCM and Arase observations comparison
Takahashi, Naoko (1); Teramoto, Mariko (2); Mei-Ching, Fok (3); Matsuoka, Ayako (4); Higashio, Nana (5); Seki, Kanako (1)
(1) University of Tokyo, JAPAN; (2) Nagoya University, JAPAN; (3) NASA GSFC, USA; (4) ISAS/JAXA, JAPAN; (5) JAXA, JAPAN
S-H02-02 Contribution from proton and oxygen ions to plasma pressure in the Earth's inner magnetosphere: Arase (ERG) observations
Keika, Kunihiro (1); Nose, Masahito (2); Yokota, Shoichiro (3); Kasahara, Satoshi (1); Hoshino, Masahiro (1); Miyoshi, Yoshizumi (4); Shinohara, Iku (5); Seki, Kanako (1); Amano, Takanobu (1)
(1) The University of Tokyo, JAPAN; (2) Kyoto University, JAPAN; (3) Osaka University, JAPAN; (4) Nagoya University, JAPAN; (5) ISAS/JAXA, JAPAN
S-H02-03 Initial results of EMIC observation by MGF-Arase
Nomura, Reiko (1); Shoji, Masafumi (2); Keika, Kunihiro (3); Miyoshi, Yoshizumi (2); Fujimoto, Akiko (4); Kasahara, Yoshiya (5); Kasaba, Yasumasa (6); Kurita, Satoshi (2); Matsuda, Shoya (2); Nose, Masahito (7); Matsuoka, Ayako (8); Tanaka, Yoshimasa (9); Shinohara, Manabu (10); Teramoto, Mariko (2); Ishizaka, Keigo (11)
(1) JAXA, JAPAN; (2) Nagoya University, JAPAN; (3) The University of Tokyo, JAPAN; (4) ICSWSE, JAPAN; (5) Kanazawa University, JAPAN; (6) Tohoku University, JAPAN; (7) Kyoto University, JAPAN; (8) ISAS/JAXA, JAPAN; (9) NIPR, JAPAN; (10) Kagoshima National College of Technology, JAPAN; (11) Toyama Prefectural University, JAPAN
S-H02-04 Strategy of EMIC Wave Observation by Arase/PWE and its Initial Results
Matsuda, Shoya (1); Kasaba, Yasumasa (2); Shoji, Masafumi (1); Teramoto, Mariko (1); Kurita, Satoshi (1); Miyoshi, Yoshizumi (1); Matsuoka, Ayako (3); Kasahara, Yoshiya (4); Ishisaka, Keigo (5); Nomura, Reiko (6)
(1) Nagoya University, JAPAN; (2) Tohoku University, JAPAN; (3) ISAS/JAXA, JAPAN; (4) Kanazawa University, JAPAN; (5) Toyama Prefecture University, JAPAN; (6) JAXA, JAPAN
S-H02-05 Observation of relativistic electron loss induced by EMIC waves: Arase, Van Allen Probes, and PWING induction magnetometer array collaboration
Kurita, Satoshi (1); Shiokawa, Kazuo (1); Blake, J. Bernard (2); Mitani, Takefumi (3); Matsuoka, Ayako (4); Takashima, Takeshi (4); Shinohara, Iku (4); Higashio, Nana (5); Miyoshi, Yoshizumi (1)
(1) Nagoya University, JAPAN; (2) The Aerospace Corporation, JAPAN; (3) Institute for Space and Astronautical Science, JAPAN; (4) ISAS/JAXA, JAPAN; (5) JAXA, JAPAN
S-H02-06 Instantaneous Frequency Analysis on Nonlinear EMIC Emissions: Arase Observation
Shoji, Masafumi (1); Omura, Yoshiharu (2); Ishisaka, Keigo (3); Kasahara, Yoshiya (4); Matsuoka, Ayako (5); Takashima, Takeshi (5); Matsuda, Shoya (1); Teramoto, Mariko (1); Shinohara, Iku (5); Miyoshi, Yoshizumi (1); Yagitani, Satoshi (6)
(1) Nagoya University, JAPAN; (2) Kyoto University, JAPAN; (3) Toyama Prefecture University, JAPAN; (4) Kanazawa University, JAPAN; (5) ISAS/JAXA, JAPAN; (6) Kanazawa University, JAPAN
S-H02-07 Arase (ERG) Observations of Electron Scattering by Chorus Waves near the Magnetospheric Equator
Kasahara, Satoshi (1); Mitani, Takefumi (2); Seki, Kanako (1); Matsuoka, Ayako (3); Yokota, Shoichiro (4); Frey, Harald (5); Kurita, Satoshi (6); Keika, Kunihiro (1); Kazama, Yoichi (7); Angelopoulos, Vassilis (8); Miyoshi, Yoshizumi (6); Kumamoto, Atsushi (9); Matsuda, Shoya (6); Shinohara, Iku (3); Kasahara, Yoshiya (10)
(1) The University of Tokyo, JAPAN; (2) Institute for Space and Astronautical Science, JAPAN; (3) ISAS/JAXA, JAPAN; (4) Osaka University, JAPAN; (5) Berkeley Institute for Data Science, USA; (6) Nagoya University, JAPAN; (7) ASIAA, TAIWAN; (8) UCLA IGPP, USA; (9) Tohoku University, JAPAN; (10) Kanazawa University, JAPAN
S-H02-08 Numerical study of high frequency modulation of electron precipitation by a whistler chorus element observed by Arase satellite
Saito, Shinji
Nagoya University, JAPAN
S-H02-09 Rapid flickering of pulsating proton aurora associated with Pc1 geomagnetic pulsations at subauroral latitudes: PWING ground observations as part of Arase-ground coordination
Ozaki, Mitsunori (1); Shiokawa, Kazuo (2); Ebihara, Yusuke (3); Yagitani, Satoshi (1); Kataoka, Ryuho (4); Miyoshi, Yoshizumi (2); Connors, Martin (5)
(1) Kanazawa University, JAPAN; (2) Nagoya University, JAPAN; (3) Kyoto University, JAPAN; (4) , JAPAN; (5) Athabasca University, JAPAN
S-H02-10 Properties of quasi-periodical VLF emissions from ground-space conjunctions and multi-point observations
Martinez-Calderon, Claudia (1); Kasahara, Yoshiya (2); Shiokawa, Kazuo (3); Ruohoniemi, J. Michael (4); Kumamoto, Atsushi (1); Tsuchiya, Fuminori (1); Matsuoka, Ayako (5); Matsuda, Shoya (6); Connors, Martin (7); Manninen, Jyrki (8); Kletzing, Craig (9); Kurita, Satoshi (6); Katoh, Yuto (1); Ozaki, Mitsunori (2); Miyoshi, Yoshizumi (6)
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S-H02-11 Ground-based ELF-VLF observations at Kannuslehto during the first year of ARASE
Manninen, Jyrki (1); Turunen, Tauno (2)
(1) University of Oulu, FINLAND; (2) Sodanlylo Geophysical Observatory, FINLAND
S-H02-12 Temporal and spatial variations of mid-latitude ionospheric trough during a geomagnetic storm based on global GNSS-TEC and Arase satellite observations
Shinbori, Atsuki (1); Nishioka, Michi (2); Otsuka, Yuichi (1); Tsuchiya, Fuminori (3); Kasahara, Yoshiya (4); Matsuda, Shoya (1); Tsugawa, Takuya (2); Kumamoto, Atsushi (3)
(1) Nagoya University , JAPAN; (2) NICT, JAPAN; (3) Tohoku University, JAPAN; (4) Kanazawa University, JAPAN; (1) Nagoya University, JAPAN
S-H02-13 Propagation characteristics of the VLF waves observed by the plasma wave experiment (PWE) on board the Arase ~ Collaborative observations with the Van Allen Probes ~
Kasahara, Yoshiya (1); Matsuda, Shoya (2); Shoji, Masafumi (2); Hikishima, Mitsuru (3); Santolik, Ondrej (4); Ishisaka, Keigo (5); Hospodarsky, George (6); Kumamoto, Atsushi (7); Kurita, Satoshi (2); Yagitani, Satoshi (1); Ota, Mamoru (1); Kojima, Hirotsugu (8); Colpitts, Christopher (9); Kletzing, Craig (6); Ozaki, Mitsunori (1); Miyoshi, Yoshizumi (2); Matsuoka, Ayako (3); Wygant, John (9); Tsuchiya, Fuminori (7); Kasaba, Yasumasa (7); Katoh, Yuto (7)
(1) Kanazawa University, JAPAN; (2) Nagoya University, JAPAN; (3) ISAS/JAXA, JAPAN; (4) Institute of Atmospheric Physics CAS, CZECH REPUBLIC; (5) Toyama Prefecture University, JAPAN; (6) Univ. of Iowa, USA; (7) Tohoku University, JAPAN; (8) Kyoto University, JAPAN; (9) Univ. of Minnesota, USA
S-H02-P Lightning Whistler Observed by the WFC on board the Arase Satellite in the Earth's Plasmasphere
Ali Ahmad, Umar (1); Matsuda, Shoya (2); Goto, Yoshitaka (1); Kasahara, Yoshiya (1)
(1) Kanazawa University, JAPAN; (2) Nagoya University, JAPAN
S-HG-01 Ground-Based Radio Astronomy and Space Weather Applications (Invited)
Vilmer, Nicole
Observatoire de Paris, FRANCE
S-HG-02 Ground-Based Radio Observations for Space-Weather Science and Monitoring (Invited)
Bisi, Mario (1); Magdalenic, Jasmina (2); Forte, Biagio (3); Jackson, Bernard (4); Chang, Oyuki (5); Fallows, Richard (6); Yu, Hsiu-Shan (4); Tiburzi, Caterina (7)
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S-HG-03 What are the source of MF signatures recorded on DEMETER satellite?
Nagy, Melinda; Steinbach, Peter; Lichtenberger, Janos
Eotvos University, HUNGARY
S-HG-04 Solar Radio Spectrography: Comprehensive Diagnostics for Space Weather Applications
Messerotti, Mauro
S-HG-05 Enhancing the e-Callisto archive of solar radio observations to support space weather studies (Invited)
Csillaghy, Andre
S-HG-06 Radio observations for space weather: space applications from the solar corona to the inner magnetosphere
Piearrard, Viviane (1); Darrouzet, Fabien (2); Voitenko, Yuriy (2); Lamy, Hervé (2); De Keyser, Johan (2)
(1) Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, BELGIUM; (2) BIRA-IASB, BELGIUM
S-HG-07 LOFAR4SpaceWeather: Towards Space Weather Monitoring with Europe's Largest Radio Telescope
Fallows, Richard (1); Verbiest, Joris (2); Gallagher, Peter (3); Olberg, Michael (4); Vilmer, Nicole (5); Vermeulen, René (1); Bisi, Mario (6); Mevius, Maaijke (1); Rothkaehl, Hanna (7)
(1) ASTRON, NETHERLANDS; (2) Bielefeld University, GERMANY; (3) Trinity College Dublin, IRELAND; (4) Onsala Space Observatory (OSO), SWEDEN; (5) Observatoire de Paris, FRANCE; (1) ASTRON , NETHERLANDS; (6) STFC, UNITED KINGDOM; (7) Space Research Centre PAS, POLAND
S-HG-08 Interplanetary radio type II and type IV bursts as indicators of propagating solar transients (Invited)
Pohjolainen, Silja; Talebpour Sheshvan, Nasrin
University of Turku, FINLAND
S-HG-09 Shock location and CME 3-D reconstruction of a solar type II radio burst with LOFAR. (Invited)
Zucca, Pietro
S-HG-11 Radio observations as input for the ESPERTA model to forecast moderate-to-extreme solar proton events (Invited)
Laurenza, Monica (1); Alberti, Tommaso (1); Cliver, Edward W. (2)
S-HG-12 First results on reprocessing of AWDANet data
Lichtenberger, Janos (1); Sannikov, Dmitry (2); Rodger, Craig (3); Clilverd, Mark (4); Cherneva, Nina (2); Steinbach, Peter (1); Koronczay, David (1); Ferencz, Csaba (1)
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S-HG-13 Faint Coronal Radio Bursts Generated by Alfvén Waves
Voitenko, Yuriy (1); Brazhenko, Anatoliy (2); Melnik, Valentin (2); Frantsuzenko, Anatoliy (2); Piearrard, Viviane (1)
(1) Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, BELGIUM; (2) Institute of Radio Astronomy, UKRAINE
S-HG-14 High-Resolution Imaging of the Solar Chromosphere in the Centimetre-Millimetre Band through Single-Dish Observations
Pellizzoni, Alberto (1); Murtas, Giulia (2); Zucca, Pietro (3); Righini, Simona (1); Loru, Sara (1); Maccaferri, Andrea (1); Messerotti, Mauro (1); Zanichelli, Alessandra (1); Egron, Elise (1); Iacolina, Maria Noemi (1); Buffa, Franco (1); Orfei, Alessandro (1); Valente, Giuseppe (4); Navarrini, Alessandro (1); Serra, Giampaolo (1)
(1) INAF , ITALY; (2) University of Cagliari, ITALY; (3) ASTRON, NETHERLANDS; (4) ASI, ITALY; (1) INAF, ITALY
S-HG-15 Activity for Space Weather Research and Operation in NICT (Invited)
Ishii, Mamoru; Hozumi, Kornyanat; Kubo, Yuki; Tsugawa, Takuya
S-HG-16 Identification of travelling ionospheric disturbances with HF and GNSS experiments (Invited)
Belehaki, Anna
National Observatory of Athens, GREECE
S-HG-17 The use of GNSS signals for Space Weather monitoring and prediction (Invited)
Alfonsi, Lucilla; Romano, Vincenzo; De Franceschi, Giorgiana; Hunstad, Ingrid; Spogli, Luca; Cesaroni, Claudio
S-HG-18 St. Patrick's day geomagnetic storm effect on mid-low-equatorial D-region ionosphere using very low-frequency radio waves
Maurya, Ajeet Kumar (1); Singh, Rajesh (2)
(1) Banaras Hindu University, INDIA; (2) Dr. K S K Geomagnetic Research Lab, IIG, INDIA
S-HG-19 Characterization of nighttime polar ionospheric variability to solar and geomagnetic activity using wavelet analysis
Macotela, Edith L. (1); Clilverd, Mark (2); Manninen, Jyrki (1)
(1) University of Oulu, FINLAND; (2) British Antarctic Survey, UNITED KINGDOM
S-HG-20 Extreme Space Weather Events and Military Operations
Messerotti, Mauro
University of Trieste, ITALY
S-HG-P Statistical Survey of Interplanetary Type II and Type III Radio Bursts
krupar, vratislav (1); Szabo, Adam (2)
(1) Universities Space Research Association, USA; (2) NASA GSFC, USA
S-J-1 Single-mode and multimode RF over fiber link technology for radio telescopes (Invited)
Weiss, Jonas
S-J-2 Phase Synchronization for the Mid-Frequency Square Kilometre Array Telescope
Schediwy, Sascha (1); Malan, Jocias (2); Whitaker, Richard (3); Boven, Paul (4); Grainge, Keith (5); Pulbrook, Thea (1); Gravestock, Charles (1); Stobie, Simon (1); Gozzard, David (1); Alachkar, Bassem (3)
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S-J-3 Phased Array Receiver Tile with Microwave Photonic Beamforming
Maat, Peter
S-J-4 Optical pulse detection and transmission in particle-detector systems
Bray, Justin; Spencer, Ralph
University of Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
S-J-5 White rabbit: a deterministic time transfer and frequency dissemination technology for distributed systems
Diaz, Javier
University of Granada, SPAIN
S-JB-1 Polarimetric Requirements for Epoch of Reionization Observations
Aguirre, James; Martinot, Zachary; Kohn, Saul
University of Pennsylvania, USA
S-JB-2 Some observational implications of direction-dependent polarization leakage in dish-based radio telescopes
Smirnov, Oleg
Rhodes University / SARAO, SOUTH AFRICA
S-JB-3 Imaging pipelines for polarimetric radio observations
Brentjens, Michiel
S-JB-4 Assessing Polarimetric Performance in Scenarios with Spatially Non-White Noise
Wijnholds, Stefan
S-JB-5 In-situ Verification of Aperture-Array Polarimetric Performance by means of a Micro UAV: Preliminary Results on the LOFAR Low Band Antenna
Paonessa, Fabio (1); Virone, Giuseppe (1); Lingua, Andrea M. (2); Addamo, Giuseppe (1); Peverini, Oscar A. (1); Pupillo, Giuseppe (3); Wijnholds, Stefan (4); Matteoli, Stefania (1); Bolli, Pietro (5)
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S-JB-6 Polarization response of SKA1-LOW array antennas
Pienaar, Hardie (1); Craeye, Christophe (2); de Lera Acedo, Eloy (1); van Ha, Bui (2)
(1) Cambridge University, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) Universite Catholique de Louvain, BELGIUM
S-JB-7 Enhancing SKA Band 1 Polarimetry by Using Two Different Feed Rotations
Carozzi, Tobia; Flygare, Jonas
Chalmers University, SWEDEN
S-JB-8 SKA1 Polarimetry Requirements
Braun, Robert
S-JB-9 Thinned Planar Aperture Array with High Polarization Purity for SKA
Zhang, David (1); El-makadema, Ahmed (1); Brown, Anthony (1); Razavi-Ghods, Nima (2)
(1) The University of Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM; (2) University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
S-K02-1 Conductive nanoparticles used as nanoamplifiers in electroporation
S-K02-2 Magnetic molecular dynamics simulations of A2A receptor in solution
Apollonio, Francesca (1); Cadossi, Ruggero (2); Marracino, Paolo (1); Liberti, Micaela (1); della Valle, Elena (1); Setti, Stefania (2)
(1) University Sapienza of Rome, ITALY; (2) IGEA SpA, ITALY
S-K02-3 Electric fields, electromagnetic waves and cold plasmas for the treatment of biological cells and tissues
Mir, Lluis
S-K03-1 Statistical analysis of the Radio Frequency Electromagnetic fields exposure induced by base stations with multiple Massive MIMO transmitters
wiart, joe
University Paris Saclay, FRANCE
S-K03-2 EMF regulation in France
Agnani, Jean-Benoit; Conil, Emmanuelle
S-K03-3 RF exposure assessments in proximity of small cells
Conil, Emmanuelle; Agnani, Jean-Benoit
S-KB1-1 Extracting Features from Multistatic Signals in a Radar Microwave Imaging System for Breast Cancer Detection
Conceicao, Raquel (1); Godinho, Daniela (2)
(1) University Lisboa, PORTUGAL; (2) FCUL, PORTUGAL
S-KB1-2 Challenges in the Dielectric Measurement of Heterogeneous Tissues: Impact of Uncertainty in Sensing Depth Calculation
Porter, Emily
National University of Ireland Galway, IRELAND
S-KB1-3 Temperature-dependent dielectric properties of lung.
Bonello, Julian (1); Porter, Emily (2); O'Hollaran, Martin (2); Elahi, Adnan (2); Balduino, Roberta (2); FARRUGIA, lourdes (1); Sammut, Charles (1)
(1) University of Malta, MALTA; (2) National University of Ireland Galway, IRELAND
S-KB1-4 Tissue Mimicking Materials for Multi-modality Breast Phantoms
Ruvio, Giuseppe (1); Farina, Laura (1) (2); Browne, Jacinta (3); Cavagnaro, Marta (2); Fiaschetti, Gaia (2)
(1) National University of Ireland, IRELAND; (2) Sapienza University of Rome, ITALY; (3) Dublin Institute of Technology, IRELAND
S-KB1-5 Advances in Target Conformal SAR Deposition For Hyperthermia Treatment Planning
Bellizzi, Gennaro G. (1); Battaglia, Giada M. (1); Bevacqua, Martina T. (1); Isernia, Tommaso (1); Crocco, Lorenzo (2)
(1) Universita degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, DIIES, ITALY; (2) National Research Council of Italy, IREA, ITALY
S-KB1-6 Tissue shrinkage in microwave ablation: ex vivo predictive model validation
Farina, Laura (1) (2); Cavagnaro, Marta (1); Nissenbaum, Yitzhak (3); Goldberg, S. Nahum (3)
(1) Sapienza University of Rome, ITALY; (2) Hadassah Hebrew University, ISRAEL
S-KB2-1 Near-Field Microwave Imaging Using Focused Near-Field Beams: An Approach to Mitigate Undesired Scattering Effects
Bayat, Nozhan; Mojabi, Puyan
University of Manitoba, CANADA
S-KB2-2 New In-vivo Mapping of Human Tissues via Inverse Scattering (Invited)
Bevacqua, Martina T. (1); Isernia, Tommaso (1); Crocco, Lorenzo (2); Bellizzi, Gennaro G. (1)
(1) Universita degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, DIIES, ITALY; (2) National Research Council of Italy, IREA, ITALY
S-KB2-3 On the potential use of anatomical and epidemiological information to enhance microwave and ultrasound breast imaging (Invited)
Mojabi, Pedram; LoVetri, Joe
University of Manitoba, CANADA
S-KB2-4 Experimental 3D Microwave Imaging of Magnetic Targets using Discontinuous Galerkin Contrast Source Inversion and a Two-Stage Reconstruction Technique (Invited)
Jeffrey, Ian; Asefi, Mohammad; Kaye, Cam; LoVetri, Joe; Geddert, Nicholas; Brown, Kevin
University of Manitoba, CANADA
S-KB2-5 Deep Learning Assisted Microwave Imaging using MRI Data (Invited)
Chen, Guanbo; Moghaddam, Mahta; Shah, Pratik; Stang, John
University of Southern California, USA