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Commission H
Waves in Plasmas

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Waves in Plasmas (including space and laboratory plasmas)


The goals of the Commission are :

  • To study waves in plasmas in the broadest sense, and in particular :
    • the generation (e.g. plasma instabilities), propagation, and detection of waves in plasmas,
    • wave-wave and wave-particle interactions,
    • plasma turbulence and chaos,
    • spacecraft-plasma interaction,
    • instabilities, heating, and diagnosis of laboratory plasmas;
  • To encourage the application of these studies, particularly in the areas of solar/planetary plasma interactions, space weather, and an increased exploitation of space as a research laboratory.

Commission Officials

Commission Chair: Dr. Ondrej Santolik (Czech Republic)

Commission Vice-Chair: Janos Lichtenberger (Hungary)

Commission ECR: Wen Li (U.S.A.)

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