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Commission F
Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing

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Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing (planetary atmospheres, surfaces and subsurfaces)


The Commission encourages :

  • The study of all frequencies in a non-ionised environment :
    • wave propagation through planetary, neutral atmospheres and surfaces;
    • wave interaction with the planetary surfaces (including land, ocean and ice), and subsurfaces;
    • characterisation of the environment as it affects wave phenomena;
  • The application of the results of these studies, particularly in the areas of remote sensing and communications;
  • The appropriate co-operation with other URSI Commissions and other relevant organisations.

Commission Officials

Commission Chair: Dr. Simonetta Paloscia (Italy)

Commission Vice-Chair: V. Chandrasekar (U.S.A.)

Commission ECR: Mehmet Kurum (Turkey)

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